The Books of My Numberless Dreams


I am a 23 year old Jamaican lost in Canada. Currently buried in grad school, I try get through all my books, spend time with friends, try to experience art in life, as life, work on my self-knowledge and remain dedicatedly silly.

In case you were curious:

  • The blog title is a quote from the Yeat’s poem, A Poem to His Beloved.
  • The runner-up for blog title was Land of Story-books.
  • “Imani” is my middle-name. It is Swahili for “faith”.
  • If you’re an author or PR person please be aware that I do not do interviews or other promotional activities. I sometimes take review copies if I know I will actually read the book, but to not waste your time please take a look at my library.
  • Readers may contact me using the form below.


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