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Minor scribbles

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Edit: La la, here is my review up at FM: The Intoxication of Transformation.

I got wrestled into being a regular contributor to First Magazine to pronounce on all things ♣literary. Since I’m barely able to keep up with my blog we’ll see how it goes. My first bit will be on Zweig’s The Post-Office Girl and, depending on what actually turns up on the site, I’ll post some complementary commentary here because I love that little book to pieces. Easily re-readable which is always a good sign. I’ll have to go back and reread Chess Story since I didn’t quite get it the first time around…

The Valve is holding a summer reading group and the book of choice is Adam Bede by the lovely George Eliot. It’s practically my first book by her since I barely remember a thing about Mill on the Floss which I picked up over a decade ago. It ought to be fun so consider joining in. Chapters 1-5 should have be read by today but the reading schedule is generous so one should have little problem catching up. I’m rereading the chapters (and eyeballing what others say first) before I put anything up. Have you read it before?

How are the other Golconda slaves doing with the Edith Wharton? I found it perfect with its mix of social commentary and romance. I was not expecting it to be such a fun read as I had the impression Wharton was a very serious, serious writer, depressed maybe, and that Winona Ryder chick was in that movie adaptation and is she ever in a fun movie (besides Beetlejuice). I’m a bit more eager to scoop up her other novels though. It’s an interesting book to read in conjunction with The Post-Office Girl. Both involve impoverished characters (though I daresay my Christine in Zweig is a lot worse off) with precarious positions in higher society whose values change as a result of their experience albeit in different ways.

Au contraire, I can submit articles on anything I like! Isn’t that nice.


4 Responses to "Minor scribbles"

You’re done already? I’m still enjoying it 🙂

I know! I didn’t think I’d be finished so quickly either but I couldn’t help myself. Every time I put it down I wanted to open it up again.

Wow you keep busy- I read some of the article from First (I would have read it all but it’s 1:20 am). Just out of curiosity, what is your actual thesis?

I promise to read the rest of it soon.


I’m focusing on neurological disorders (quite a few which could be considered psychiatric), how they help to reveal what we consider to be human consciousness, our “will” and motivation, and how those developments could affect our understanding of human behaviour, which would affect justice system, health care, etc.

Thanks for reading Armand, hope I didn’t reply too late for you. 🙂

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