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Free e-books are evil

Posted on: April 16, 2008

How many books have you downloaded from the Tor free e-book programme?

Four but only two should count as the books by Scalzi and Wilson were the only ones in which I was truly interested. The others were I-know-I’ll-hate-this-but-it’s-free-surely-there’s-other-good-books-in-this-deal. So far I’ve tried one of the latter group and it was about as horrible as I expected (cheesy high fantasy).

How many have you read?

One and one-thirds.

How many books will you own written by the two authors combined by this time tomorrow?

Five or six. I already own Spin by Robert C. Wilson which I promptly leant to one of my SF-reading pals who hadn’t heard of the author before. I’m in the middle of Scalzi’s Old Man’s War e-book and about a minute ago said out loud to myself, “I have got to get this book in paper form.” The local Chapters has two out of the three books in his trilogy plus The Android’s Dream and I plan to get all three. I’ll try the local indie on the latest OMW release in hard cover plus any Wilson books but I’m not optimistic because it’s not the place to go for genre fiction (unless it’s of the YA variety). So whatever isn’t bought at the indie store will be purchased online. I don’t know which Wilson books I want just yet if that be the case. I figure I’ll put the other titles in a box and make a blind selection.

In conclusion, does this make Tor’s programme evil?

Yes. I was so good at not buying book’s for weeks and weeks and weeks and then look what it did!


9 Responses to "Free e-books are evil"

Thanks for mentioning all this, Imani. I’m on their list too, but so far have only been interested in Jo Walton’s Farthing. Good to know.

So in other words, their scheme worked?

I have yet to read any of the books I have downloaded, but hey, no I can anytime I want to and it doesn’t cost me a dime!

I apologize if this turns out to be a duplicate comment. I tried posting it once but there was a “server issue” that did not let it go through the first time that I tried.

Old Man’s War sounds like it would be a fun read (great title too). While I have been focused on contemporary literary fiction for years, I still have a huge soft spot for science fiction, fantasy and all things geek. Actually, recently, there’s been this weird shift (particularly among male writers) of bringing geek elements (or at least references to them) into contemporary writing: The Amazing Adventures of Kavlier and Clay (read), and The Fortress of Solitude (not read) leap to mind not to mention Junot Diaz’s new book, the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, (read an excerpt in the NYer) focuses on a young, Haitian dude who has an obsession with things like Dr. Who and Dungeons and Dragons.

I used to belong to one of those science fiction books clubs when I was a kid- the kind of book club that would send get a huge book of stamps (does anybody remember these? They used to have them for CDs too) and you would choose five stamps (each representing a book) and then stick them onto your return form and get six books for one dollar. Then you would agree to buy two more books over a year. The catch was that they would send you a letter telling you what the next featured book was and then you would have to send back a letter if you DID NOT want the book. And you usually had like two days to decide- I was sixteen at the time and they featured books like Old Man’s War, and I remember I never had any money, and I was always worried that somehow I would miss the deadline for refusing the featured book (which did happen from time to time).



Funny you should mention Spin. I’d never heard of it until a few days ago. My former thesis director/mentor is reading it now and likes it from what I’ve heard.

amcorrea you’re welcome. I must have missed that one since I didn’t sign up for the newsletter until the week that Scalzi’s book was scheduled to be released. In fact, I had meant to unsubscribe immediately after I received but was too lazy. Good thing, too.

John well, yeah, that was my main point.

Armand I only recently got into science fiction after avoiding for so many years because I thought it was all lame space operas and didactic political allegories. But I figured after reading Scalzi’s blog for so many years and then Torque Control it was probably time for me to give it a try, which I did last year. I still self-identify as a fantasy reader, primarily.

Some female writers who joined that trend would be Sarah Hall and Jeanette Winterson off the top of my head. The Sarah Hall novel is excellent.

I remember hearing about those clubs! and that they were scams basically. 😛 I’m even sure that Scholastic got into trouble with some schools a few years ago for a similar programme it had with them but I don’t remember the details.

Andi oh yes, Spin is the first SF I’ve read that I feel 100% enthusiastic about.

Heh, my husband has succumbed to Tor’s free e-books too. He’s been downloading them like crazy but hasn’t read any yet. Though he was just looking over my shoulder and saw you are reading Ghost Brigades and says you might want to try Halperin’s The First Immortal and The Truth Machine.

Thank your hubby for the recommendation for me, please! I have been interested in getting ideas for other SF along the same lines as Scalzi and Robert C. Wilson so every little bit helps.

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