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Two things

Posted on: March 30, 2008

  • Colin Burrow’s contribution to this year’s Lady Margaret Lectures on Milton at Cambridge U is now available as a podcast (finally!). Entitled “Milton’s Singularity” it even comes with a handout (PDF). That’s exactly why he’s one of my favourite lit crits. Unfortunately for rabid Milton fans the next lecture, “Milton: Poetry vs. Prose” by Sharon Achinstein, is scheduled all the way in May! And then it will take a whole month before it gets uploaded because those silly Cambridge people apparently have better things to do. Sigh.
  • Fence, a darn good literary magazine, is offering its annual subscription for the price you’d like to pay, starting as low as $1.00 USD. Contributions of $300 or more gets you a lifetime subscription. The offer ends at April 30th. Fancy taking them up on it? (via Chekhov’s Mistress which has the full details)

4 Responses to "Two things"

Wow, I’ll definitely give Fence a look. I’m not familiar with that one.

There are so many out there and Fence doesn’t get as much attention as mos but they’re definitely one of the better ones, IMO.

I’ve only read parts of Paradise Lost, long ago…and still, Burrow’s lecture is fascinating. Thanks for the link!

You’re welcome, Nigel! It’s the second in the lecture series so if you’d like some more there’s Skinner’s talk on Milton’s political background:

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