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Busy, distracted

Posted on: December 5, 2007

The Guardian, as always, was good for a laugh or two but I’m sad about Hardwick’s passing. (She wrote the first book of literary criticism that I ever bought and enjoyed.) I can’t say that I haven’t been anticipating such news for a while now because I knew how old she was. Every time I opened a new NYRB issue I’d check to make sure she was still listed in a supervisory capacity.

On a completely unrelated note, if this “new right” is recognised I will never buy music again. Let’s face it Songwriting Assholes of Canada, I don’t need to purchase it, but I do because I like to support artists and keep them going. If you’re going to charge me for a crime I’m not committing then, rest assured, my torrents will be running 24/7 and iTunes will be little more than a dream.


4 Responses to "Busy, distracted"

$5 a month is indeed pretty ridiculous. Unlike the fee on blank media, this penalizes everyone for something that only some do to any great extent. They’d probably do better by knocking $5 off the price of CDs.

Hey, it’s the return of the “tape tax”. In the early 80s, record companies tried hard to get the US Congress to tax blank tapes and give the proceeds to the record industry as recompense for piracy. May this new tax be just as successful.

Sylvia I don’t see how the levy on blank media is any more legitimate. If it’s such a magnet for crime why make it? Because it has valid uses, of course. It’s the same thing.

Amateur Reader, unfortunately Canada already has the “tape tax”. And I’m sure that record companies see all of it while artists have to tour and tour to make any cash.

I think I might start charging my students a tax. They can pay me a few hundred bucks each, every semester, to make up for the way what should be my salary goes to buy more weaponry. And then I will just go out and steal myself a fancy car, since I can’t afford that, and I will just rip nice clothes I can’t afford right off the backs of innocent women who chose more lucrative careers than I did.

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