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Everything ages, even dreams

Posted on: November 19, 2007

My blog became a year old yesterday. Isn’t that nice? Umm…wee! I note this as an excuse to post a bunch of links before I forget.

Cam has posted the first part of her Roundtable: Books and Blogging, in which I participated.

Dan Green explicated what I suspected (with no evidence, mind you) Ian McEwan’s fiction was like. Instead he recommends a host of earlier stuff that I’ve never ever heard of before. Ahh, my instinct steered me right when I passed Atonement over for Enduring Love. As it happens the local store has a respectable portion of his backlist in stock but…but…I read the back of one and replaced it. (The plot was suspiciously similar to On Chesil Beach.)

The Caribbean Review of Books is looking for translators! Guess I should have kept on with my Spanish after A-levels, eh.

We’re looking for volunteers fluent in Spanish and French–preferably but not necessarily with some professional translating experience–willing to tackle, say, one review or essay per month (or one every other month), to help us start building a multilingual online archive. Sadly, at the moment we can’t afford to pay for this, but every translation will be published with a full credit to the volunteer translator, and we’ll list their names in the print magazine too.

This is a great opportunity, for instance, for university students majoring in Spanish or French–they get nice, juicy pieces of text to practise on, and they can list “CRB translator” in their CVs. We’d be very grateful for the help of any of our readers with the language skills and time to participate in this project.

Check the post for contact information if you’re interested.

Ted at Bookeywookeyhas set up an easy, anonymous reading survey and is looking for willing participants. Hop over to take a look and do consider participating! He intends to blog about the results at some later date.

 Lo! After these many, many months I can finally link you to a worthwhile Guardian Books blog post. Stephen Moss read the same Michael Alexander translation of Beowulf and shared his surprised enjoyment. (All right, there’s a wonderful contributor there who regularly posts on underrated authors, overlooked, forgotten authors but I can’t remember his name right now. This goodwill is blunted by someone today who posted about how Judy Blume spoke better to his “childhood trauma” that the nonsense Tolkien and Blyton peddled. Really sir? No elves in The Hobbit requesting assistance with how to deal with junior high dating? I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.)


14 Responses to "Everything ages, even dreams"

I find it hard to believe that you’ve been doing this only a year. My book blog is to your book blog what the Guardian Books blog is to… um, you know, something less wtf. 😉 That is to say, hey, you’ve got a pretty good book blog here. But we all knew that already.

Happy Blog Birthday. Cheers.

Aww, thanks Ian. I would not dismiss your blog so lightly though — I’d never (re-) link to a Guardian Books blog relative in my sidebar.

Hey — congratulations! I’m glad you’re here blogging.

Happy Blogiversary! It’s been a fun year. 😀

Blogiversary? Nice word… Anyway, happy anniversary and keep on with it!

Only a year? Me too! I didn’t realize you hadn’t been blogging for ages…hope you will keep at it for a long time.

Thank you for the link to the Caribbean Review of Books about translating – what a great thing! I am going to apply – I need to get some more literary translating under my belt and since I am already a huge fan of Caribbean lit, this seems like a great opportunity. (I just hope they pick me!)


As far as early McEwan, I loved The Child in Time. Very strong. 🙂

Thanks everyone! It really has been a fun year. Here’s to many more. 😀 Special thanks to Smithereen for visiting.

Verbivore yaaay, I’m glad you’ll be taking them up on that. Perhaps it will lead you to more Caribbean lit posts on your blog.

Eva thanks for that rec., I think another commenter over there suggested the same book.

Happy Blogiversary! I hope there are many more ahead of you 🙂

Only one year?!?!?! Happy Birthday Numberless Dreams! Imani, I find your blog wonderfully intelligent and articulate. Your thoughts and writing are often a bit beyond me and I am constantly challenged – thanks for that!

Thanks, Stef.

Aww, Heather that’s a very flattering thing to say. I’m so glad you get that much out of my site. 🙂 Thanks.

You remind me that I don’t post often enough about the Caribbean Lit that I love – will definitely remedy that soon. Marie Chauvet….here I come!

Happy Anniversary! Is it really only a year? I feel like I’ve known you forever.

verbivore, a nice nudge never hurts.

Ann Darnton I do feel as though I’ve been blogging for a while. Thank you!

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