The Books of My Numberless Dreams

It gets funnier every time I read it

Posted on: November 1, 2007

Unless I’ve missed something, the only fiction review in the current NYRB is Alice Sebold’s new book.

-Scott Esposito, Conversational Reading

Edit: In lieu of that, no doubt, magnificent review I link to a magnificenter one: The Inventory by Gabriel Josipovici reviewed by Ismo Santala. I could feel the tentacles of my brain sticking to each of the quotes, reluctant to let go. That convinced me to reread Goldberg: Variations for The Sunday Salon this weekend, which may put me in a better position to complete the draft that has languished for months. (No, I haven’t given up on writing about it. You see, I really really really love that book and the fact that I can’t seem to express that properly in some sort of review-like post about kills me. Also, rereading is fun!)


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