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Rilke week at Chekhov’s Mistress

Posted on: October 26, 2007

I submitted a post for Budd Parr’s “Rilke Week” at his site. Please take a moment to browse around and see what others had to say about the popular poet.

For more poetry check out Bookeywookey‘s An Iflorescence, a weekly instalment, in which he comments on a wide variety of poets , some I’ve never heard of before. Today he covers Dan Chiasson.

Reginald Shepherd has a new post up On Samuel R. Delaney, in which he discusses the similarities between science fiction and poetry and how Delaney influenced his own work.

At their best, science fiction and poetry have in common the production and presentation of alternative worlds in which the rules, restrictions, and categories of our world don’t apply. It was this freedom from the tyranny of what is, from the domination of the actually existing, that attracted me to both, first science fiction and then poetry.

And Japonisme always, always features beautiful marriages between words and images. (The last is probably my most recent favourite.)


5 Responses to "Rilke week at Chekhov’s Mistress"

Thanks for the mention, Imani! I thought he (Chiasson) was a real find – just combing the bookshelves. I’d never heard of him either.

Thanks for these sites, Imani. I’ve really enjoyed the poetry but most especially Japonisme. I have a life-long link with Japan of a rather difficult nature and I do so love being able to explore the beauties of the country instead of having to remember the problematic historical issues.

thank you so much imani–and in particular for commenting on the levine poem. i really liked it but deliberated for a long time before deciding to use it.

samuel r delaney….. haven’t heard that name in so long….

will now go off and check out the rilke.

someone owes someone an email i think….

Ted you’re welcome! By some happy coincidence I browsed through the latest issue of the New Yorker and it had a Chiasson poem too.

Ann you’re welcome! I’ve been in a poetry mood this week. You’re link with Japan sounds a bit like mine with Britain.

lotusgreen you’re welcome, too. My initial fascination with the Levine poem was that it made me partial to an animal I, in most other cases, find repulsive. Which was probably part of the point, no doubt.

I’m abashed about the gentle hint. I could have sworn that I had replied but there you go. I shall have compose one presently.

Hey, this post is a jackpot of links! My husband adores Delaney, so I’ll email him that link. And japonisme will be a special treat just for me! Thanks!

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