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Two interviews

Posted on: October 9, 2007

Hey, I’ve been interviewed! A short and sweet offering of moi is over at Geoffrey Philp’s blogspot. You get all the biographical dirt you could possibly desire. To that ‘currently reading’ list please add Od Magic by Patricia A. McKillip, which is turning out to be better than Alphabet of Thorn but has little of the dark glory of Winter Rose which I found so surprising and entrancing.

Ian at Upper Fort Stewart found out about a great environment initiative book lovers could get behind. Raz Godelnik (isn’t that an awesome name?), co-founder of Eco-Libris tree-planting project, tells Ian exactly how the project works, what gave him the idea in the first place, and how the quality of recycled paper has improved.

8 Responses to "Two interviews"

Hey, cool! I didn’t know you were a grad student. And studying something that sounds very, very interesting.

Neuroscience?? Get outa here! What area?

(And don’t say “Broca’s”)

Hey, nice interview. “Demons” is one of the few Dostoevsky novels I have yet to pick up. But it’s encouraging to hear you like it. 🙂

I always assumed you were doing something literature related studies-wise. Boo on me for assumptions.

Enjoyed the interview Imani. I knew you were in school but had no idea for what. How do you ever find the time to do all you do?

Dorothy I’m in my first term as one so that’s not surprising. 🙂 I think what I’m doing is pretty interesting too (thank goodness or grad school would be a huuuuge mistake).

Sylvia ha! I’ll have to come up with something more clever next time. I’m focusing on neurological disorders (quite a few which could be considered psychiatric), how they help to reveal what we consider to be human consciousness, our “will” and motivation, and how those developments could affect our understanding of human behaviour, which would affect justice system, health care, etc. In connection with that I’m reading lots, and lots about computational neuroscience, neural networks etc.

See! Now you know what I’m doing. :p

Dark Orpheus that’s not surprising, most people do at some point or another. I find it better for me to explore literature in my spare time than in university.

Stefanie well, actually, that’s why my blogging pace has slowed significantly. 😀

Very cool. The more I hear about that sort of research the more it seems we are far from having total control over our behaviour. Whatever will humans do if we can no longer scapegoat the “bad” people? We might just implode.

Great interview – good questions and great answers. Its great to learn a little bit more about you and the type of books that attract you most.

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