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Personal mutterings

Posted on: September 5, 2007

La! I’ve finally moved, all my delicious books are still in boxes, I’m finally living with a cat again (hooray!), and I already know at least…two past bad experiences one of my new roommates had with his exes. “I can’t believe I just told you that,” he said. Not me, I’m used to it by now. Maybe I should be a shrink instead of a….whatever it is I currently plan to become.

The best thing about my new place, besides the cat, is that I now have Turner Classic Movies on a permanent basis, not as a temporary freebie. (Bless you, house gods.) I celebrated by watching a noir –I looked up from my book, turned on the tv and lo! it had begun — called The Sniper. It was rather bizarre, atmospheric as any noir should be, and at times unintentionally hilarious. There’s so much going on in September: Cult movies, silent movies and back-to-school films! The new roommie and I continued the old movie fest by seeing the original The Italian Job on Suntv yesterday. The week should end with a literary flourish as TCM ‘s Saturday night prime time feature is “Based on Oscar Wilde”. It starts at 8:00 PM ET with  The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband at 9:45 PM, The Picture of Dorian Grey at 11:30, and ends with The Canterville Ghost at 1:30 AM. I’m a bit leery of the last because my memory of the short story does not include any American GIs but I’ll suppose we’ll see.

I had a lovely post written down on paper, just for you, but I left the book from which I wanted to pull quotes and other interesting titbits. I’m finding my travails through the Paris Review‘s archive so interesting that I wanted to do something similar with the Times Literary Supplement but the oversized binding with the collected archives from the early 20th century is “missing”. Going through microform isn’t nearly as fun so I may have to settle with the ones that start from the 60s. (Booooooo.) Maybe I’ll do it for the London Review of Books? Or maybe there’s another journal/magazine you think I should try.


15 Responses to "Personal mutterings"

Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you mentioned the TCM Wilde festival. TCM was my saviour when I was really sick in high school, stuck at home all day, and couldn’t read. And I love Oscar Wilde. And I’ll be in charge of the TV this weekend. Yay!

Mmmmm, Turner Classic Movies is a treat! I was slightly disillusioned, though, when I noticed Mr. Holland’s Opus on last night. From 1995. A nice movie, for sure, but classic? Meh.

hi, glad you are moved. We are also now moved into our new place. I love Turner Classic Movies also, as well as AMC. I do not have my own computer set up as yet, I’m using my son’s. Slow going on my own websites. Will catch up on them soon.

I can appreciate your adoration of TCM – I currently live in a basement apartment and do not have to pay for cable. The very loud people upstairs are paying for it (not that they realize it) and it is a small, tiny, itty-bitty piece of revenge that I relish! They are really loud.

Glad you are moved. It sounds like it went well and you are settling in nicely. Have fun unpacking all your books!

What is it you’re planning to become again?

Eva you’re very welcome! I’ll probably make a habit of mentioning any TCM programming I find interesting so that could be something to look forward to.

I enjoyed Earnest best and found that the plays were adapted much better than the novels — The Picture of Dorian Gray was honed down to a regrettable degree (and I don’t think that ending with Basil’s niece was quite right, but I plan to check the novel myself to make sure). It was a treat to see Angela Lansbury though.

Andi ha! I had the same reaction when I saw the 1995 movie. Since when did TCM turn AMC? I thought with a puzzled frown. Ah, well at least it was only one film.

MIssDaisy yes, you’ve been on my mind recently as I hadn’t seen you around on the sites. Glad you’ve finally settled in — it is slow going, isn’t it? Can’t wait ’till I’m done and over with it.

Heather that’s too bad about the noisy dwellers so it’s good to know that you’re able to get something over them. 🙂

Stefanie it does seem to be going well so far. 🙂 I’m hoping it’s somewhere I can stay at least all through grad school. Thanks!

Sylvia, no one likes a busybody.

I have been away for such a long, long time… I apologize for not coming sooner, but I am teaching now and practically out of time for anything much… How are you? Moved, uh? A cat, eh? Good for you… I hope you are and continue to be happy! Cheers.

Methinks she doth avoid the subject…

JCR aww, there’s no need to apologise, after all you’ve been quite, quite busy. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. 🙂

Sylvia why, whatever do you mean?

So nice to hear you’re all snug and happy in your new place!

I really have to watch The Importance of Being Earnest again SOON. I love it so much!

Oh nothing, you know, just things like, do you ever take classes? have you picked a thesis topic yet? are you trying to set a record for most apartments lived in by a student? what are you going to be when/if you grow up? Silly little things like that.

Dewey thanks! I liked every single actor in The Importance of Being Earnest except the one who played Gwendolyn. Her accent and phrasing was too odd. Vaguely Eastern European for some reason.

Sylvia record? Uhh…I just came out of a 12 month lease…(and I live in houses, not apartments).

Way to avoid the other questions! Nicely done.

I’m so glad for you that there’s a cat.

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