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Posted on: August 19, 2007


13 Responses to "Insomnia"

Ya, I was wondering when this would come up. Been there, done that, my thoughts are with your country.

I hope everyone you know will be ok.

One thing after another…

may it ravage the land

Sylvia so have I, and it was a category 5 too, but Dean’s wind speeds alone are higher. :/ Thanks.

Dewey me too!

Steven Augustine I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still areas in Jamaica that hadn’t been fixed since the last hurricane it had a few years ago.

Lance Kennedy I’m kinda hoping it won’t since a significant portion of my family and friends still live there, never mind friends in Mexico.

I’m not sure what category storm I was in. It was officially a 3, but a family friend measured 150mph winds, which would make it a 5. (Actually his anemometer broke after it hit 150, so who knows what the max was). It was brutal.

What about Hurricane Gilbert? (Maybe you weren’t there to experience that one, thankfully.) I see that it only became a category 4 when it hit Jamaica. The only memory I have of it was the sea overflowing it our front lawn and satellite dishes flying through the air. Damn horrible, as far as storms went, though I was spared the worst, living at a resort.

*whew* So Dean was awful, but no word of casualties (yet?) in Jamaica, it didn’t get directly hit, and my grandfather moved from his tiny house on a slope before Sunday so…all thoughts for Mexico now in the hopes that it doesn’t become a category 5. 😐

Oh ya, Gilbert. Sheesh–flying satellite dishes. :-S Hey, we lived right on the ocean too! Our apartment became an ocean, even though we were on the third floor. Gotta love horizontal rain (and winds that obliterate windows). I hope your grandfather’s house is OK.

Ya, it doesn’t look good for Mexico. I worry about the turtles. Their nests were wiped out just two years ago.

Hope all your family is ok Imani!

I hope all is well with you and your family.

I’ll echo the others — I’m sending you and your friends best wishes!

Thanks everyone! As of now everyone has been accounted for and all are fine, damage to property is minimal. They were lucky indeed since some were away from the island on vacation anyway.

Sylvia RE: turtles, was that from Hurricane Ivan?

I think it was WIIIIILMAAAAAAA!! (Sorry, I grew up on the Flinstones)

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