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Two new challenges

Posted on: August 9, 2007

Go crazy.

Outmoded Authors

Librorum Prohibitorum Liberatorum (Thanks Ted!)

The liberated book site is further along the way to being finished than the other. I am still accepting suggestions for out-of-fashion authors for the challenge. We also need a button maker! Both start on Sept. 1st. I’d like the OA challenge to last for five months and LPL for a year.

Edit: I’ve compiled the poetry posts I did for the recent challenge in the sidebar. I beg pardon from my RSS readers — I added a “Paradise Lost” tag to my older posts.


11 Responses to "Two new challenges"

I love both these challenge ideas. And I love Elizabeth Bowen and Dawn Powell! I’ll think on it and see if I can come up iwth any more out-of-fashion authors for you 🙂

Interesting….both long term challenges as well! I might have to do some research for the outdated authors one, but I’m almost sure I’ll be in!

Richard Hughes would be great for the outmoded author challenge.

These are interesting challenges! But I’m afraid I have too many challenges on my plate already.

Thanks gentlereader!

Eva woohoo! Welcome aboard.

Amanda wheew! I’m glad someone else recommended a NYRB author. I was trying to avoid doing so and even intentionally looked at the back list of other publishers (Godine’s in particular bc they have a similar idea behind some of their stock).

Dewey that’s quite all right, I know that there’s a million of them out there.

Outmoded authors additions: John O’Hara, Isak Dinesen, Katherine Mansfield, William Dean Howells 🙂

Oops, sorry gentle reader, the list has been finalised and posted on the challenge site already. Thanks for showing the interest anyway.

Nice and highly creative, thanks for this.

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