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The best thing about the Harry Potter books

Posted on: July 24, 2007

The best thing about these books is the way Harry constantly gives the finger to the establishment and various authority figures. The hilarious protests from certain groups that the spells are real and harmful is only a bonus. (Someone told me this today and I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself: I laughed boisterously for about ten seconds before I could recall my manners. Which is more than I could say for my friend who offered his copy of Deathly Hallows so that she could find an easy spell and perform some magic for us on the spot; we figured God would understand. Ah, well. If there’s a hell I hope we get nice rooms.)


14 Responses to "The best thing about the Harry Potter books"

Yes, now that Harry Potter has concluded what will these fringe groups do? Probably find someone else to direct their lunacy on.

For a review of the book, see my site.

As a Christian, I also find people’s objections based on the inclusion of the spells to be bogus. Divination was actually used by the Patriarch Joseph as first councilor of Egypt and nowher in Scripture is he condemned for it. Of course, his reliance for answers was on God so that does make it a little different. Anyway, I wanted to let your readership know that not all Christians have such ideas.

I can honestly say I just don’t enjoy the books all that much, although I only read the first one. My (Christian) friends are telling me I need to read the second to really get into the series. Maybe now that it is finished I will.

So as an FYI to everyone out there, there are many Christians in my acquaintance who both read and enjoy Harry Potter.

Topher it was just odd the way she brought it up — a bit rude actually which is why I didn’t feel too bad about laughing.

John oh I know, there’s always the loonies. One of my roommates is a Christian and he owns all seven books.

As for the books the first two are crap really, they only get good around book three. I’m not one of those people who go around recommending it to everyone I see though. Everyone knows about it by now so it’s not as if one needs an extra push to try it; and if you don’t like it I don’t think they’re sooooo marvellous that you need to be persuaded otherwise.

Seriously? That’s a totally new one on me… I must have been living under a rock. I’m quite sure I couldn’t have stopped laughing in ten seconds.

It’s a freakin book for goodness sake!

Harry Potter : witchcraft

The Flintstones : archaeology

Can any of these lunatics point to an actual case in which someone cast a spell from the books? You’d think that if it was possible to turn people into ferrets or make them vomit slugs, someone would have done it by now.

Clearly the secular-humanist press is suppressing the news. Damn liberals, keeping all the good stuff for themselves.

Tez ah yes, I’ve known about it for some time. One of my aunts, a fundamentalist Christian, is a bit suspicious of the phenomenon but she’s not quite over the top the way this person was. Certainly my aunt would have never be rude enough to accost us the way she did. But, you know, it was for Jesus.

Kelly it’s a pity I didn’t get a chance to question her about LOTR or Narnia. Tolkien made up a whole language for heaven’s sake! That’s not only blasphemous but probably demonic.

amcorrea Ha! I’ll have to put my Flinstone viewing on my resume.

Margot you’re on the right track there about the repressive media. I hope a righteous blogger out there somewhere is on the case.

I’m relieved no one has wagged their finger at me. 😀 Not that she didn’t provoke the derision but, well, anyone would still feel bad for laughing in her face.

That’s hilarious. I’m going down anyway, so I might as well have a laugh or two en route. I think hell is going to be a permanent residency in a casualty ward where every night is Friday.

But wouldn’t some of those spells be useful? I wouldn’t mind the loonies being right if I could get my hands on what made them so angry. (I’ve got my room picked right out!)

And I completely agree with you about books 1 and 2 and am very happy to find someone with a similar opinion. I also think about 1/3 of the second to last book could have used some serious editing…but who needs editing when people will pre-order the thing. Sheesh!

That is very funny. I haven’t actually run across anyone who objects to Harry Potter on religious grounds. And amcorrea’s analogy is hilarious!

My wand must be broken or something, I’ve never been able to get the spells in Harry Potter to work. I’ll be sure to look you up in hell because I’ll be there too 🙂

If there’s a hell, it won’t be you in there; it’ll be too full of stupid people trying to ruin fun for kids.

amcorrea – LOL. Love it.

“finger to the establishment” by Harry is why I enjoyed #5 (Order of the Phoenix) the most so far. It was very timely, politically speaking.

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