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Not Well

Posted on: July 16, 2007

Takin’ a break. Will probably be around commenting on your sites.

Three things make me happy though:

1. I convinced one of the school librarians to pitch Caribbean Review of Books inclusion in the budget. I don’t know how it will go. Another university in our library system is better known for its Caribbean collection (they have the older version of CRB although it hasn’t been catalogued for some reason) but mine isn’t bad either. Anyway, cross fingers!

2. I chat with another of the librarians last week who, it turns out, I indirectly converted to the NYRB classics cause. I tend to order them through the local indie store, and if any author catches the book buyers eye he stocks it. One of these was Richard Hughes’ A High Wind in Jamaica. One day the librarian was browsing, she noticed it, bought it, read it, now hooked. We’re going to ambush her friend that works there and try to convince him to have a display for them, the way the store does for special Penguin series (Deluxe editions, Great Ideas etc.). We’re convinced they’ll sell more if they all stacked together nicely, rather than one or two editions scattered here and there.

3. Feels like summer


15 Responses to "Not Well"

Aw, feel better, lady.

Feel better soon, Imani!

Thank you. šŸ™‚

Way to go on another NYRB conversion. They should, like, send you all of their list because you’ve gotten so many people to read their books. I hope you feel better soon!

Ha ha! It’s enough for me that they remain in business. All the dower and gloom that seems to hang over publishing permanently makes me perpetually afraid for my favourite small presses. (And I wouldn’t have anywhere to put them anyway!)

I’ll be fine by mid-week I think. I’ve just been pushing myself too hard for a while.

poor duck

i hope you feel better soon

Poor imani! Do take the greatest care of yourself. Thinking of you. Litlove x

Hope you feel better soon – and way to go on the CRB front!!

I’ve been going through the NYRB Classics catalogue and circling the books I want, including A High Wind in Jamaica. I’ve also already bought one of the books from the collection. It’s funny, I had never heard of any of these books until I found them in the NYRB Classics. Shows how easy it is to miss out on great books.

3 very good things!! Summer is a good time to rejuvenate so I do hope you’re feeling up to par soon!

I hope you’ll be feeling better soon. And congratulations on your successes!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I’m feeling marginally better today so I’m on my way to a full recovery.

Matt yes, isn’t it amazing how many absolutely fantastic books manage to fall through the cracks? Thank goodness for the publishers who specialise in unearthing those sort of books. I hope you enjoy the Hughes.

Hope you’re feeling better soon! I definitely need to pick up that Hughes book.

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