The Books of My Numberless Dreams

“The praises of sincerity”

Posted on: June 27, 2007

Sylvia chose me as one of five female bloggers who “officially rock”. Now it’s my turn.

QueenMab at Like Patience on a Monument: In each post she shares with her readers new discoveries whether it is literature, old films or quirky music videos. She doesn’t post often enough to suit my taste. 😉

Tai at Aerophant: I’d seen her posts pop up in Metaxucafe‘s reader for such a long time. It took two sentences about her response to a painting of a burning ship, the faint memory of a tragic poem and my present appetite for sea poetry to get me on her site. I’m in that first rosy phase of blog crush.

Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf: I’ve never really left that rosy phase. I can’t quite express what’s so excellent about Dewey’s posts but there’s usually so much going on with games, and carnivals, interviews and challenges. She always has something interesting to say.

Melody at Redeeming Qualities: Reading about old-fashioned, dated, plain ol’ weird book is a lot of fun and Melody is very good at capturing the what each book was about, what was good, and was moronic.

ScarletSlippers at No such thing as too many books: How true! I find her reviews concise and very informative. She is another blogger who is good at conveying what a book is about in so many words.


On an unrelated note I’ve reached the title story in the Byatt fairy stories collection and it’s quietly leaving its mark. On average Byatt is best when her characters are in the real world coming upon the fantastic.


3 Responses to "“The praises of sincerity”"

I am blushing, literally! Thank you so much for the compliment. I have to hurry up and get around to doing this so I don’t end up tagging people already tagged like I did with that thinking blogger thing.

You’re welcome Dew. 🙂

Imani, thank you! What a delightful bolt from the blue. I’m so glad you found Aerophant, and all because of a sinking ship ….

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