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More poems from “The Land of Spices”

Posted on: June 5, 2007

These two are similar in spirit and in the warm responses that they provoke, though one is about companionship and the other is about both the protected and the Protector.

A Boy’s Song


— James Hogg

This was another poem that Reverend Mother had Anna learn. She liked it a lot and tried to convince her younger brother and closest friend Charlie to learn, with no luck. He was not much for book learnin’ and was not shy about saying so, but he was a sharp boy, with a mature insight into others and a developed sense of fairness. When Anna was 15 she made friends with a feminism activist during the holidays, in a town where her family usually vacationed. At one point she asked for a suffragette ribbon and the activist gave it to her. Charlie asked and when the activist reminded him what it was for, he told her that he knew what it was, and supported the cause. He wore it as tie.

For more on the Scottish poet go to The James Hogg Society homepage.

The Shepherd


— William Blake

You knew I had to include some Blake didn’t you? 😉 Here’s another poem that Anna had to teach herself and the last of the lot I’ll share with you. In one particular moment when a line from the poem is recalled it reminds the reader of the secure, spiritual assurance and quietude at the convent school and of the role and lasting influence the nuns have over their students. For everything Blake one can never go wrong with one of my favourite sites, The William Blake Archive.


8 Responses to "More poems from “The Land of Spices”"

I love Blake. Hogg I was not familiar with, but I followed the link and am now investigating. Great post!

Always nice to “meet” another Blake lover. I was not familiar with Hogg either and that’s what was so great about the book in part — all this good “new” poetry. Thanks for the compliment and for commenting.

Very nice blog! 🙂

Came to pay you a visit as I do most days and noticed your bright new look. It’s like meeting a friend who has just gotten a haircut. Nice haircut!

Since you love Blake, I think you’d really like the movie Dead Man. It’s an amazing movie in and of itself, but for Blake fans, EXTRA wonderful!

“For he hears the lamb’s innocent call
And he hears the ewe’s tender reply”

Love that! Glad I popped by – I really like the orange tree header. Beautiful. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love “Land and Sea” too, of course!

Hi, the site looks very well done, layout great, and pictures too! Just wanted to say hello and that I was passing through.
I feel like I’ve finally found my creative outlet on my new sites, it feels really good.

Thanks wonky!

Ted haha, thanks. I don’t know if I’m quite satisfied with it yet, but since others seem to appreciate it I may keep it up for a while.

Dewey oooo, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before, but I will rent it if the local vid store has it. I’m intrigued about any film that could appeal to Blakeans.

Julia thanks! Oh great it’s good to meet another L&S fan — I always get mocked about it where I am.

Daisy Ane thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. How wonderful for you that your sites are working out well for you — I hope that continues.

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