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What an asshole

Posted on: May 19, 2007

Holy disaster: Pope alienates indigenous peoples : ICT [2007/05/17]

In a speech at the Conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Episcopate, the pope characterized pre-contact Indians as ”silently longing” for Christianity and stated that ”the proclamation of Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbus cultures, nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture.”

I’m not sure how to express my opinion on this matter without using anymore expletives. Maybe he should take a break from stirring anti-gay sentiment and read some history books.


4 Responses to "What an asshole"

He sure knows how to bring people together. We’re all united in saying, “Whaaaaaa?!?” Of course it’s not just him, it’s the whole “Mother Church can do no wrong” mentality at the Vatican. So sad to see an intelligent man be so brainwashed.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been widely reported, but I suppose we’d need to launch protests and burn effigies to get that big, fat lie any attention.

Meanwhile, more enlightened aspects of the Vatican are urging the UN to adopt the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, something which Canada, or I should say, the Harper government is (surprise surprise) dragging its feet on. So, not everyone in the Vatican is clueless.

Oh, well then, the Vatican need to adopt some synergy!

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