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Some nonsense and a poem

Posted on: May 10, 2007

Sylvia tagged me for this meme.

Name up to three characters…

1. …you wish were real so you could meet them:

* Jane Eyre
* Medea
* Hippolyte Web (from Hippolyte’s Island)

2. …you would like to be:

* Artemis
* William Beckwith (from The Swimming-Pool Library)
* Catherine Morland

3. …who scare you:

* Humbert Humbert
* Moravagine
* the Snow Queen

I was restless for a few days because I wanted to pair this with a poem and couldn’t think of one right off the bat. I rifled through several books new and old, but none of them had the one I was looking for. Then I picked up Lorna Goodison’s Selected Poems, which I should have reached for first. She’s better than most (of what I’ve read) at writing empathetically, creating characters and therefore creating several…passageways into the poem, just from her content.

Farewell Wild Woman (I)

I seemed to have put distance
between me and the wild woman
she being certified bad company.
Always inviting me to drink
bloody wine from clay cups
and succumb to false promise
in the yes of slim dark men.
Sometimes though when I’m
closing the house down early
and feeling virtuous for living
one more day without falling too low
I think I see her behind the hibiscus
in dresses competing with their red,
and she’s spinning a key hung on a
cat’s-eye ring
and inviting me to go low riding.

Farewell Wild Woman (II)

Sometime in this first half
the wild woman left.
Rumour spreads a story
that bad love killed her
kinder ones swear
that just like that,
she dreamed herself
off precipices
sheer as her dresses.

Only I think I know
where she went,
(I might even have hidden her
in a priest’s hole
at the side of this house
and feed her occasionally
with unscorched bits of memory.

4 Responses to "Some nonsense and a poem"

I think my wife would agree with you about Jane Eyre, but I’ve never had a thing for masochistic women. (that’s a joke by the way, this impersonal posting thing makes it hard to convey that.)

I’ve got Humbert Humbert on my list as well – quite scary. And I love the poems you posted, are her poems all that good?

Ha, don’t worry John I got it. 😉

verbivore all of her poems are definitely that good! Here’s a link to another one I posted on previously: Poetry Saturday. If I had to choose a top ten list of poets she’d be in my top five.

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