The Books of My Numberless Dreams


Posted on: May 2, 2007

I received my first bribe as a pootering, vulgar, basement-dwelling litblogger today. A young lady from a book selling site — I think that’s what it is, I only read the first two lines then skimmed to the bottom for any prize offerings — sent me a long e-mail telling me about all the wonderful things her site does. Would I be so kind as to mention all of these things to my readers? To show the site’s appreciation she’s offering a completely unrelated gift that is not conditional on my becoming their shill in any way, and they’ll send it to me or to my favourite library.

Isn’t that sweet? Isn’t that nice? I’ll repay them by giving a shout-out to The Book Depository instead : perfect for the particular reader who cannot readily acquire Oneworld Classics anywhere — and shipping is free!

Something I am willing to highlight Amongst Friends, the short film (Quicktime required) made of the opening of the John McGahern Library, by Ronan Gallagher. He sent me a short and sweet e-mail to let me know about it, since he read my enthusiastic post on Amongst Women. I had already bookmarked it on almost a month ago, so posting it here is no hardship. You’ll get to hear a little on how the idea of the library came about, see McGahern’s widow share her thoughts on the library and get an eyeful of some lovely editions of both McGahern’s and other Irish writers’ novels. All this to the distinctive sounds of my favourite (ok, it’s the only one I listen to) Irish band, Kíla.

Just to let you know I’ve made a few minor changes to the sidebar. The categories widget is now a drop down menu, which tidies things up a bit; and I’ve added one for “Top Posts” which changes every 48 hours or so. On my About page there’s now a contact form so if you want to contact me directly and don’t know my e-mail address that’s the place to go.


11 Responses to "Housekeeping"

I never noticed you use WTF as a category. Nice. I’ll have to start using that. It opens up so many posting possibilities.

Pretty funny, Imani.

To be perfectly honest, I aspire to be “a pootering, vulgar, basement-dwelling litblogger.” If I could live off a handful of free books and bribes, my life would be an ignorantly blissful piece of cake.

Ian I hope this is the start of a WTF category trend among the litblogs. I’d bet it would be funnier than all the others.

Mary oh bring on the free books, by all means, I just don’t like it with spam. Cakes made with spam never taste very good.

I had an offer like that a while ago. I almost took them up on the no-strings-attached “free gift” just to see what would happen. I finally decided I had better things to do.

They would have probably spammed you for the no-strings attached promotion for the rest of your blog life and beyond. 😐

I think you’re right. That is, you’d be right if you weren’t a pompous elf with fifty bazillion blog post categories.

I only have a zillion dwarf-who-cannot-count.

At least I can spell.

Don’t feel bad, maybe you can get a job as cinnamon bun raisin-studder.

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