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My first gay novel!

Posted on: April 24, 2007

I think. Good lord, I wish someone had warned me that the “darkly erotic” description on the back was actually on the money (never trusted those back cover synopses). I nearly choked on a kernel when poor Arthur’s bottom was groped.

You know what else I want to read? A Radclyffe Hall novel! Well of Loneliness or something? I was reading the press on Bloc Party and in a Guardian piece the interviewer noted how on the day after she/he had spoken to Kele Okereke (lead singer), he sent this absolutely beauuuuuutiful quote that hit me right in the chest.

‘You are neither unnatural nor abominable, nor mad,’ it begins. ‘You’re as much a part of what people call nature as anyone else, only you are unexplained as yet – you’ve got your niche in creation.’

That’s something worth memorising, don’t you think? So I requested the Hall book from the library immediately.

Ok, so where was I? Indeed, Alan Hollinghurst. I picked up his The Swimming-Pool Library from one of the tottering TBR piles. Lots of architectural terms that I don’t know. Lots of sex (at least every where the narrator goes seems to carry some kind of sexual connotations and/or opportunities).

I’ve had a beer (or two) so this is all I can manage. Must go!

8 Responses to "My first gay novel!"

I loved The Well of Loneliness. The writing is beautiful. I was up at a coffee shop reading it a few years ago and got lost in the book. Then I realized — almost too late — that a had a CHILD I needed to pick-up from daycare. whooopsss…..

I came across a Radclyffe Hall novel recently and picked it up, not the Well of Loneliness, however; it was Adam’s Breed. She sounds very interesting.

I think I’d avoid “darkly erotic” to begin with anyway! πŸ˜† *Looks over at bookshelf* Nope, none there… at least, nothing I’ve read anyway.

What exactly is “darkly erotic”?

(Sorry for the double-post; I never finished my last one).

What was your motivation for reading a “gay” novel?

Amanda A that’s one of the best recommendations of a novel I’ve ever read. Hahahahahaha! It makes me want to start it right now, except that I’ve already got something else and I’m in two reading groups for next month.

Dorothy I haven’t heard of that one before. I’ll be interested in seeing what you have to say about it.

Julio well, I’ve only reached chapter two so it’s a bit too early to say. I could see the erotic part of because Hollinghurst writes on sexuality in a very easy and skilfull way–something I rarely see in a literary author. And it’s a major element of the novel. “Darkly”…I’m getting a hint of what that might mean just now, but I’ll have more to say when I’m a bit further.

Otter I read Hollinghurst’s article on Ronald Firbank last year (I think it was) in the TLS and was completely captured by both his subject and his writing so I looked him up. Turned out he wrote novels so I bought two of them.

Could someone please prevent me from ever, ever posting on my blogging when I’ve been drinking? *covers face in embarrassment* This was a very silly post.

Mwahaha! I recommend blogging when you’re drunk. It’s funny. I was going “Hmmmm….” when I first read this post.

Hmmmm….gay books, eh? That might solve my book birth control problem I mentioned the other day:

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