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Posted on: April 19, 2007

Boxer by The National will be the one of the best albums you’ll hear this year, from one of the most talented and gratifyingly consistent bands around. Officially released on May 22nd.

The National – Fake Empire (mp3) (via Stereogum)

*The National – Cold Girl Fever (mp3) (via See You in the Pit)

**The National – Slipping Husband (mp3) (via SYIP)

The lead singer’s song writing chops are palpable. Forget the self-consciously “literary” razzmatazz of The Decemberists with its earnestly exhibited English B A credentials (omg, look, I totally read Tennyson, how awesome).

And that voice! And the arrangements! They’ll be performing at the Opera House in Toronto on June 5th 2007.

Incidentally no. 2: I love the new Bloc Party album. Maybe it’s because, through the E.P.s, free downloads, B-sides and live performances (I’ve seen them on both sides of the Atlantic) I heard most of what became Silent Alarm at least a year before its release so it’s been properly digested. (I’m not sure what all that uhh “defining band/album/gods of this generation” pre-release promotion was about though, and am glad I became aware of it after I listened to the album. Because, wtf? Whose idea was that?)

*From their self-titled album The National

** From Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers


4 Responses to "Incidentally"

You’ve seen Bloc Party live? Twice? On two continents? Wow. I’m jealous. I haven’t listened to their new album yet, just the first single. I’m not sure if I like it.

I’m coco for BP! The single would probably make more sense if you listened to it in context, although on the first few listens I was indifferent to it (Song of Clay eclipsed everything for me at that point).

Most folks complain about the second part of the album with most of the slower songs but I find them to be a huge step up from the ones on the first album, at least lyrically speaking.

I fell in love with Alligator this year. (“Baby We’ll Be Fine” is one of my newest favorite songs ever.) I really do need to check out the rest of their stuff.

Aha, that song is one of my top picks as well. Based on that I think you’d go mad for Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers. I can’t wait to see them live in June.

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