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Is this a joke? (Not the death threats.)

Posted on: March 28, 2007

BBC NEWS | Technology | Call for blogging code of conduct

The support for a blogger hounded by death threats has intensified with some high profile web experts calling for a code of conduct in the blogosphere.

The female blogger at the centre of the row has been shocked to discover that hers is not an isolated incident.

It has led her and others to question some of the unwritten rules of blogging.

It could force a re-examination of the way the tight-knit blogging community behaves.

Among those calling for a bloggers’ code of conduct is Tim O’Reilly – one of the web’s most influential thinkers.

He told BBC Radio Five Live that it could be time to formalise blogging behaviour.

“I do think we need some code of conduct around what is acceptable behaviour, I would hope that it doesn’t come through any kind of [legal/government] regulation it would come through self-regulation.”

“tight-knit blogging community”? “self-regulation”? “formalise blogging behaviour”? Who the heck is Tim O’Reilly?

And get this: Ms Sierra claimed that “‘There is an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that it is wrong to delete nasty comments.’

Oh yes? In which “blogosphere”? I’m Queen of my blogging castle here and I’ll delete whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, no matter who authored the text. What “unwritten” rules? There aren’t any written ones! Don’t come whining to me because your techno blog pals told you not to delete troll comments.


16 Responses to "Is this a joke? (Not the death threats.)"

Wow, that whole thing is weird. I’ve never heard of anyone getting death threats on a blog. And I’m baffled why someone would say it’s not ok to delete nasty comments. I’m with you in my view that I am Queen of my blogging castle too. My site, my rules.

I think that the technology bloggers operate in an entirely different world, sort of like the political pundits. It’s a lot more intense on a regular basis and perhaps gender is more of an issue? (Who knows.)

It is weird.

Puh-lease, I’ve deleted comments for being long and boring. And I correct my spelling mistakes! Nyah!

Sierra should try on the shoes of bloggers who try to politely discuss the possibility that there may be slight problems with Islam. The threats they get are very much for real. Heck, they are even blowing up internet cafés in Palestine. That’s not to say the threats against Sierra aren’t disturbing, but she is probably as safe as anyone in America (not that Americans *feel* safe, but that is another matter…).

And I will forgive you if you delete this for rambling off topic!

Uh oh. Now I’m tempted to go through your archives to see if any of my comments are missing. :p I agree about Sierra’s possible overreaction. Didn’t Sutherland get all kinds of threats after he tried to defend his review turf? He’s still alive last time I checked.

(Is there a spelling error in my post? Thank you for making me paranoid.)

Oops, I didn’t mean to imply that you had typos in this post.

Or any post that I know of, but I could be wrong. You never know.

(Editor: Young woman, behave yourself this instant.)

Sylviaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😐

I agree with you about deleting comments — your site, your rules.

“Young”? Not exactly, but as they say, you’re only young once but you can be immature forever.

I dig your castle. Don’t suppose you’re hiring for full-time court jesters? I’d totally wear a funny hat and engage in pratfalls a couple times a day if it meant I got to lounge around reading books and, you know, being in a castle the rest of the time. How seriously awesome would that be? Pretty awesome.

I think of myself more as the scullery maid of my blogging shed – I’d do anything for a castle! 🙂

I don’t understand why people leave nasty comments in the first place. I mean if you don’t like what you’re reading then move on.

I delete spam of course but everything else stays – says a happily innocent blogger who’s been lucky enough to never receive any stinky comments.

Sylvia being silly should be a life long occupation.

Darby if you don’t mind your wage being served in the form of blog updates, you’re hired. Working in the castle is just a fringe benefit.

verbivore you’re far too modest. Yours rates at least ‘salon’ status. That’s how I think of it!

Heather I don’t get it either, but people need to get their aggression out somehow, I guess. I only delete spam too unless someone decides to act silly.

I actually pay for my blog subscription, so if someone doesn’t want to play nice, then, sorry…it’s my playground…and you’re banned! Hah. And I have made spelling errors (hate that!), but I don’t mind a nice reminder if I made a mistake.

Oh I make so, so many errors I literally dread reading over old posts because I’m sure to spy at least ten grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It’s a wonder I have any readers at all.

And if one’s paying for the playground it’s definitely understandable to be strict about that kind of thing.

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