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Um, what? *blow*

Posted on: March 26, 2007

In Toronto over the weekend and was accosted by a strange, lean, perplexing young man, in a book store. He gave me his “MSN” because I had two Pynchon novels in my hand with the intention of buying them for myself and not for any of the men in my life.

Women don’t read or hold any interest in Pynchon, you see. Not unless we’re forced to.

Should I be worried?


6 Responses to "Um, what? *blow*"

Um, what? We yokels don’t understand these big city social rituals.

I don’t get it either. I deleted his info from my cell. That wasn’t mean, was it? And since when was Pynchon a man’s author? My head aches, my nose is sore and I’m confused.

You encountered the Pynchon-nerd in the wild, did you? Did he make the secret sign?

Having a strange encounter when buying a Pynchon book is, like, the epitome of meta-fiction.

So that’s what it was. I was too weirded out to observe any secret hand signals but I feel privileged to have been so blessed in my first ever Pynchon purchase. I’m taking that as a good sign.

Very strange! People do get strange over certain authors. A friend of mine is fuming because someone accosted her in a bookshop the other day as she was buying an Ian McEwan novel and demanded to know how old she was and if she really thought she was capable of reading it. She’s 23 and has read several of his novels already, and likes them precisely because she finds them challenging. When she explained that, the woman who has accosted her backed down immediately, saying that she hadn’t read any of his novels herself but that her friend had, and her friend thought they were very hard to read! Makes you wonder about people, doesn’t it?

It certainly does. For one thing why is she minding what your friend is buying and what on earth gave her the gumption to question your friend’s reading capabilities?

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