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Parasitic Titbits

Posted on: March 20, 2007

Watch as I suck blood from blogs and other sites. Don’t show this to your children, pets or spouse!

Geoffrey Philp had been accepting submissions for the Top Caribbean Novel and now has twelve works up for voting. If you’re interested in fiction from the English-speaking Caribbean it’s a great list to choose from, including authors like Earl Lovelace, George Lamming and Nalo Hopkinson. The only book from the list that I’ve read is Brother Man by Roger Mais, of course. Check here for the complete list of submissions.

Sylvia at Classical Bookworm is endeavouring to get the word out on the reprehensible closing of the B.C. Legislature library and encourages everyone, in and out of B.C. to e-mail the province Premier Gordon Campbell to prevent the government from turning this important historical and educational institution into a ceremony room for 2010 Winter Olympic VIPs…or an office.

Though the surface excuse for the closure is “seismic upgrades,” the fact that half of the librarians have already been laid off and the irreplaceable collection is on its way to a warehouse in the hinterlands reveals the government’s true intentions. There is talk of turning the space into office and/or ceremonial space. Just the thought of turning that magnificent structure into offices is repulsive. And anyone living in B.C. should be able to interpret the supposed need for ceremonial space as code for “we want a fancy place, away from the rabble, where we can show off for all the foreign dignitaires who will be visiting B.C. during the 2010 Winter Olympics, at taxpayers expense of course.” The 2010 Olympics are the big prestige project for this government and they are ramming it through against vigorous community opposition while ignoring alarming social issues such as rising poverty and homelessness and overflowing hospitals.

After you’ve helped to deal a blow to governmental idiocy, reward yourself with an artistic rendering of Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening at Japonisme.


4 Responses to "Parasitic Titbits"

healing by blog. :^) hugs, and happy spring to you (almost) dear.

p.s. the re-do is so classy!

Thanks for the link!


lotus yes, isn’t it great that spring is almost here? That makes your post even better, the added pleasure of knowing such snowy scenes are behind us. Happy spring to you too.

p.s. thanks 😀

Geoffrey you’re welcome, I’m always happy to link to you.

Wow, thanks for the support! Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I’ve set up a blog with some information about the closing of the B.C. Legislative Library. The address is I’m hoping to go down there on Thursday and take lots of picture, so stay tuned for some library loveliness!

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