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Being a girl sucks

Posted on: March 14, 2007


Menstruation by Mika-sama


8 Responses to "Being a girl sucks"

I’m going to print this out, in color, and hang it up on my bathroom wall. Brilliant.

So you’re saying you’d rather be so hopped up on testosterone that your brain processes are interrupted by x-rated thoughts every 30 seconds?

w hahahahaha, it certainly captures the way I feel.

sylvia nooooo, i’m just saying that being a girl sucks (sometimes).

Sylvia, why the hate? And it’s every 22 seconds.

That picture… wow. I won’t be getting that out of my mind for a while.

It’s not odio, it’s asombro that you guys can get anything done! And they say women’s brains are better at multitasking…?

err…..very graphic presentation of a reality, yes….er….

I was stunned but very amused.

Ahahahahahahaha. I think my job is done here. I’ll have a new post up (later rather than sooner, knowing me).

from the Department of False Consolation: It’s only 40 years, give or take a few.

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