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Think, think, think

Posted on: March 12, 2007

When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it. – Winnie the Pooh, from “The House at Pooh Corner” by A.A Milne

thinkingblogger.jpg Dorothy at Of Books and Bicycles has honoured me with a Thinking Blogger Award! The starter of this meme wanted this to highlight bloggers with “real merits” and I am pleased that Dorothy thought my site worthy of such a description. I was given the choice of listing 5 other blogs fitting the criteria, which the following can do if they so desire.

The Reading Experience

Thumb drives and oven clocks

Incurable Logophilia


Geoffrey Philp’s Blogspot

Of course these are not the only “thinking bloggers” I read so browse my blogroll for more cerebral fare.


18 Responses to "Think, think, think"

my lord–thank you!

One of the cool things about this meme is that I get introduced to new blogs through people’s lists — I’m familiar with some of the ones you list, but not all, so I’ll check ’em out!

You’re welcome, lotus. 🙂

Dorothy that’s one of the reasons I like this meme too.

Whoah! Someone decorated in here! Who be brushing her (his?) hair up top?

What a nice compliment! Congratulations!! btw I really like the new bloggy look.

You’re welcome, Geoffrey!

Sylvia I did, I’ve been wanting to change the look for a long time once I saw a couple of the new wp themes. I was reluctant to change the header because so many people loved it, but I’m pretty satisfied with the new one considering the link it has for me.

As for who that lovely woman is one can read about it on my “About” page: ‘The header image is a detail “Khusraw surprises Shirin bathing” a scene from one of Nizami’s Khamsa, done as an illuminated manuscript in Tabriz, 1481.’

Heather thank you and thank you! I’m glad you do, I was a bit nervous about changing it.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. That “surprising girls while they’re bathing” motif really cuts across all cultures!

I have to say, looking at your lovely blog, that I am seriously considering switching to WordPress. How do you like it? It seems to be light years ahead of Typepad, and it’s free! Does it do all you would like it to do?

The only downside to the fantastic experience I’ve had with Wp is that it does not allow the user to add schmancy javascript widgets. For example I’d like to add one of those neato LibraryThing thingamabobs to my site but I can’t. If your site incorporates a lot of that kind of thing and you’re attached to them, it might prove a problem when switching over.

However Wp themes do come with their own sidebar widgets that try to cover the more popular add-ons like Flickr, RSS, delicious, site search (if the theme you pick doesn’t have it), as well as generic text widgets so you can put in your own stuff as long as it’s not java.

If you care about stats the set up for that is pretty good too, the only qualification being that Wp tracks page views rather than the number of site visitors.

The support forums are very helpful and I’ve never had a problem there.

I don’t know a thing about Typepad so I can’t compare but I think shacking up at Wp isn’t a bad idea.

I am in aggreement with you and the others who have mentioned that this is a fun (and dangerous!) meme because of all the new blogs I’ve been introduced to.

Love the new site look!

ohhhh… I love the new layout and the great blogs!

No javascript?! Horrors! I guess one nice thing about Typepad is the “Typelist” sidebar modules. I’m all about the sidebars and I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t java them up. The problem with Typepad is that it is so popular that they are too busy upgrading hardware to upgrade the software. Wah.

And what link do you have with Ms. Shirin?

Thanks Stefanie and Amanda. 🙂

Sylvia yeah, they claim that javascript is a “security risk” they don’t want to take on. It’s just as well that I never got attached to it with a previous blog. I think you have the proper word choice there with the “modules”. But yeah no java for Wp.

My link with Ms Shirin is through Pamuk with his exceptional My Name is Red.

OK, this sounds like spam but I pump blood through my heart. I just found your blog and I bet you’d like my friend Actonbell‘s. She’s another brainy reader.

Honest, I’m human.

Yes, you did sound like spam and I almost deleted you when your link didn’t work. Good thing I thought of adding in the needed ‘n’ (so I edited your link too). Thanks for the recommendation.

So few I know! I can see I have some visiting to do. I think your nomination richly deserved, imani! It’s always a pleasure to visit you here and see what latest tidbit you have uncovered for your readers!

Thanks for the nod!

Thank you very much litlove and you’re welcome Mr. Green. You more than deserve it! 🙂

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