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This is insane

Posted on: March 8, 2007

‘Monologues’ Spurs Dialogue on Taste and Speech – New York Times

Why are adults instilling a body part with a shameful, negative association in children? Exactly how is the word VAGINA an inappropriate word for ANY child, at WHATEVER age to hear? How does that not make people morally enraged?

Who kidnapped their brains and when can they expect them returned?

(On International Women’s Day, no less.)

After you finish tramping around, hurling invectives into the atmosphere step by the Galley Cat and take a poll on how you discover books. Don’t let their survey results be skewed by the publishing cliques!

Then after that you can drop an e-mail to the Mercantile Library if you love, love fiction (and you know you do) in order to answer some questions to help them better serve their patrons and the wider reading community online: centerforfiction at I took part, forgot to mention a gazillion sites, and had a ball.


4 Responses to "This is insane"

Happy International Vagina Day! 😉

Ha! Happy I.V.D. to you too. I need to get a poster with that. I would be the coolest person in my house.

LOL I kindergarten I apparently spent a good half hour explaining where babies came from to the entire class. The teacher actually didn’t tell my mother about it until I was in highschool as she knew how horrified my mother might be as she would be concerned other parents might not be very appreciative. That wonderful teacher said she didn’t stop me because I was using all the proper words and I had the whole process correct. Apparently the word VAGINA was used. 🙂

You had a great teacher. I can imagine how many others would have panicked and blown the matter out of proportion.

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