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What I did today:

Posted on: March 7, 2007

Blow my monthly budget. Almost.

I did my weekly jaunt to Chapters for some journal reading. Tazo “Refresh” tea in hand I walked up to the fiction section, anxious to buy a copy of Captain Blood which Melody posted about on her spiffy new blog, Redeeming Qualities. (You should read it if you’re at all curious about “a lot of books that have been forgotten…most of them probably weren’t very good, but I bet a lot of them were fun.”) I glanced at one of the display tables and what did I spy?


Ok, those weren’t all on the table, but the Virago Modern Classics were! Isn’t this splendid? I’ve never seen them in any book store before. They were on the “Chick Lit” table, of all things, but I rather liked that they were mixed in with Sophie Kinsella, Jennifer Crusie and Jane Austen. (It’s too bad that the Austens were the pathetic Random House “Premier Classics” that start to disintegrate after a couple of months. Robust challenge to Penguin Classics and other similar lines? Hahahahahahaha.) I picked up Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth (with a Boldini on the cover, the first book that caught my eye), Kate O’Brien’s The Land of Spices and Rosamond Lehmann’s The Echoing Grove. Aren’t I lucky? Aren’t they fabulous?

After I picked up the Sabatini I figured I may as well go for broke and buy whatever else I wanted. I veered into romance for the horribly titled Sugar Daddy (shudder) by Lisa Kleypas. That and the odious dust jacket aside I’m a great fan of her historicals; this is her first contemporary and my hopes are not high (receipt is held firmly in hand) but it could be good. I shrugged and picked up J. R. Ward’s Dark Lover, the first in her…ummm…Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Again the receipt is firmly clasped. I tearfully abandoned Hamilton’s Anita Blake series when the heroines magical hoo hoo proceeded to swallow every wandering private part–be it of man, undead or magical beast–in the story. But so many romance bloggers have sung hosannas about this author so I decided it couldn’t hurt if I gave it a go.

I turned back and headed to the Science section for The Plausibility of Life, a book one of my friend’s professors recommended, when I was stopped by one of Kinuko Y. Craft’s distinctive faces. It was Patricia McKillip’s Winter Rose, on bargain sale. I’ve been meaning to try this book forever so I grabbed it.

By this point I had a lot of books in my arms and no shopping basket in sight when I spied a blue bag hanging off a hook. It was a “Love of Reading” bag, it told me, only $9.99 with part of proceedings to charity. My aching arms said yes, so I dumped some in. I finally rushed to poetry, careful not to let my eyes wander, picked up Philip Larkin’s Collected Poems, then headed to the nearest cash register.

But the bookish day was not over. I stepped into my house only to find a book-sized package for me. What was inside? Goldberg: Variations by Gabriel Josipovici, won in a Cruelest Month giveaway. Almost as good as the sight of the book was the lovely letter written by Michael Signorelli, the proprietor of aforementioned blog. In it he offered congratulations, a reading tip for the Josipovici and lots of good cheer.


The perfect ending to a chilly day. Which book shall I start on first?


8 Responses to "What I did today:"

Hooray on the book splurge!

Thank you for linking me! I hope you enjoy Sabatini.

What a glorious book binge! Thanks for sharing it because it was sure fun to read πŸ™‚

Stefanie and Amanda thanks! It was glorious indeed. I can’t stop fondling the Viragos.

Melody you’re welcome and I hope I do too. πŸ™‚

Oooh. I’m so jealous! Actual real Viragos in a local bookstore! I’ll never find a new one here in my town!! How funny–I just bought Sabatini’s Scaramouche today. Maybe he isn’t high lit, but darn he looks like fun! As for romance books–sometimes the covers and titles leave much to be desired, and it is a shame as I bet they would interest more people if they marketed them a tad bit differently. Then again, maybe die-hard fans don’t care? Lots of goodies–and I love the bag, too!

Now THAT is a book haul if I’ve ever heard of one. Very impressive indeed.

Wow — some nice books there! I’m curious what you will think of the Josipovici — he sounds quite interesting.

Danielle I know! I was so shocked and pleased when I saw the Viragos. Maybe they’ll eventually start proper distribution in the US too. For Sabatini I saw the film version of Captain Blood first and it was a lot of fun, so I’m expecting the book to be as exciting if not more.

I agree with you about the romance covers but yes die-hard fans don’t care, and even when a favourite author of mine has horrid steroid muscle candy on her cover I dutifully buy it. Authors have little to no control on such things and for *some* reason publicists think man titty sell.

Andi I do try. πŸ˜€

Dorothy thanks! I’m curious about the Josipovici too because I have no idea what I’ll think of him. It could go either way.

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