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Snowed In

Posted on: March 1, 2007

I’m not going out today if I can help it.

snowin.jpg snowin2.jpg


I may read a story or two from my favourite winter read.


It is good to walk through snow, to let it alight on your face as you turn up to the patterns in the sky. You can stretch out your tongue like a lizard and wait for flakes, but leaving your eyes open and allowing snow to melt on your cornea–getting bigger and bigger, you’d think, though snowflakes don’t fall directly down; they shift from side to side and you can never just watch one come in; it’s more like a frigid ambush when they get you–is what really marks you as being serious about sensation.

The Radio Amateur Values Sensation.

The Radio Amateur is Friendly.

The plow comes slowly by with its lights whirling on top. We wave it down and she–an anomaly, a female driver–stops for us. The plowmen usually grin and let us in. They don’t have so much to do. They make good money plowing the roads in the early morning, or whenever they are called to duty. But it is dull, I think. They are lonely mostly. They like company and conversation. Hot coffee, or too-sweet cappuccino that tastes like cocoa.

She’s wearing latex gloves. She’s listening to music–some old AC/DC: Who Made Who–on a boombox with a fading battery. It goes in and out while my armless brother holds it on his lap. She wants to know where we’re from or where we’re going. Which is nowhere. We are out walking. Our dad is upstairs in the house with the lights off surrounded by radio equipment. It’s hard to come out with this, though. I point to my pellet gun. She nods as if she understands. My brother nods, too.

We are brothers. We are in tandem. We share secrets, cans of pop, the saliva collected in the bottoms of pop cans that makes up a small percentage of the fluid by volume as you reach the end. We share stories and last names.

From “Other Electricities: Stories” by Ander Monson


8 Responses to "Snowed In"

I share your enthusiasm for Monson.

Those photos look familiar! To add injury to insult we got more snow today and tonight there is another fresh layer. When does spring start again?? I think that ground hog lied!!

Good to read of another Monson fan, Chris. 🙂

Danielle, I had another snow day yesterday as well! Shovelling was a pain but I enjoyed the break from campus. Made it feel like a holiday long weekend

Not fair. Not fair. I’m so jealous I can hardly bear to speak to you. The photos look fantastic.

I’m ready to exchange places with you any time now. :p

Ha! I know! I’ll make you jealous! There’s a bright spring sun outside. Blue skies. The smell of things growing. Birds are chirping merrily away and the blossoms are coming out…

Wonderful excerpt!! (My usual 1 hour commute home took about 3 hours that day!!)

I do enjoy your appreciation of the excerpts I post here, Heather. It assures me that *someone* is reading them. 🙂 (Isn’t the weather so much nicer now!)

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