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Hip hip!

Posted on: February 28, 2007


The Elegant Variation: APRIL 29, 2003 – FEBRUARY 21, 2007

Mark Sarvas, the distinctive blogger who introduced me to the magnificent John Banville, the epic Luis Alberto Urrea and the intriguing Sheila Heti has had his own novel, Harry, Revised, accepted by Bloomsbury, set for publication in Winter 2008.

I’m excited. The book sounds really good and I like the fact that I’ve been sorta following the author before his big break. I tend to stay away from self-professed “writer’s blogs”–there they go moaning about book promotion and agents again–but am always delighted when more general literary bloggers turn out to be authors as well.

Laila Lalalmi is another litblogger I followed for years who turned out to be an author herself. Her first book, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, was a subtle, engrossing, thoughtfully provocative effort. You should try it!


2 Responses to "Hip hip!"

Hi Imani-

Just stopped by to check out your blog, and I realized I’d heard of Mark Sarvas although mostly because through my general interest in Steve Almond.

I have to give Mr. Sarvas a lot of credit- it takes some serious management skills to both finish a novel in roughly three years and also keep a high quality blog while writing it.



Thanks for checking in Armand, hope you enjoyed browsing.

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