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Best. Movie. Ever.

Posted on: February 23, 2007

Pootering courtesy of n+1.



7 Responses to "Best. Movie. Ever."

Love these old movie posters!!!

Yes! This is one of the best and it won 5 Oscars, too!

Heather T, I like them too. I found this one on Wikipedia, god bless it.

Maggie it played on TCM which is doing its usual “31 days of Oscar”, which is how I got to see it. I love these old movies. It’s a shame that the Academy no longer considers comedies “worthy”.

Argh!! I knew it was coming on but I searched the online schedule in vail. Grrrr…

That would be “vain.”

Well, if you don’t mind waiting another month it’s replaying on TCM March 25th. :/

I was looking through the schedule for the rest of March and almost got excited about a film adaptation of Wuthering Heights until I read the description. “A married noblewoman fights her lifelong attraction to a charismatic gypsy.” Uhhh…a gypsy?? Who says?? (I know there’s speculation on Heathcliff’s origins, and I guess a gypsy is as valid a take as any other but…)

And as much as I don’t particularly like the book I do admire parts of it and respect it a great deal. I don’t know if I’m up for a cinematic butchering even if it does have Laurence Olivier.

I really must check TCM’s website more often. They have some great movies on. And a handy reminder feature for when my internet friends forget to tell me when great movies are coming on… \:|

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