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what, What, WHAT?

Posted on: February 20, 2007 – News – Catholics, Anglicans discuss reuniting

SYDNEY – Issues surrounding a possible reuniting of the Catholic and Anglican churches under the pope are discussed in a 42-page statement currently being prepared, church leaders said on Tuesday.

The statement, titled “Growing Together In Unity and Mission. Building on 40 years of Anglican and Roman Catholic Dialogue,” looks at common ground and differences between the two churches and is expected to be published later this year.

“Our ultimate desire is to achieve full visible unity,” said Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane John Bathersby, co-chair of the International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission on Unity and Mission (IARCCUM), which is preparing the statement.

“The statement is put forward to foster discussion and reflection,” Bathersby told Reuters.

Clearly this is an aim whose actual realisation would be nought but a glimmer on the horizon at the end of my lifetime. Beetge’s reaction to this development was hilariously similar.

The Anglican co-chair of IARCCUM, South African Bishop David Beetge, said unity was desired by both churches, but was a long-term vision.

“All we have said are there are certain areas, after 40 years of theological study, where we believe we have a degree of compatibility and agreement,” Beetge told Australian radio.

“I think unity is a long, long, long, long, long journey. Of course we pray for it, of course we long for it. I would be surprised if I saw anything in my lifetime,” he said.

I’m a bit worried for my former Anglican brethren. (I’m the former, not them.) They’re known for their blessed sense of compromise while the Roman Catholic Church…isn’t. Let’s be frank here they have egos (the leaders rather than the laity) the size of a small planet. They are founded on Peter (or Paul maybe? Whichever. The stone guy) direct from God, One True Church and all that. It would tickle them silly to have to have a breakway church back under the Vatican but you’ll be damn sure it’s going to be on their terms.

And good lord what terms. NO BIRTH CONTROL. Celibacy?? NO FEMALE PRIESTS?? Arguments about which baby gets to bypass purgatory, because I’m sure God is listening closely and will make changes forthwith once Gabriel gets the Fedex from Pope Benedict XVI? NO BIRTH CONTROL?? Gah! Just…..GAH!

The Catholic Church hasn’t even officially responded yet. Some official will probably just flip them the bird. I can’t imagine it wanting to have anything to do with this, what with the ordained gay priest ruckus.

2 Responses to "what, What, WHAT?"

If they do ever merge it’ll have to be the Catholic church liberalizing not the Anglicans conceding. Anglicans can’t even concede to each other, never mind an outside body.

Man, I really don’t see the Vatican conceding it to anybody any time soon. So, I’m guessing this is a dud. Which is probably what good ol’ Beetge was trying to convey in a diplomiatic manner.

I didn’t even know they were trying to reunite! I feel so out-of-the-loop.

(Of course Anglicans can concede! by separating. ;))

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