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omg i want to shoot this woman in the face

Posted on: February 13, 2007

figuratively speaking.

Libraries most borrowed books are not clever or lofty.

If you have never read these books – perhaps put off by snobbery or guilt or some other glitch in your personal armour that does not allow you to trust your own enjoyment – then you will not know that they are really rather good. How, indeed, could they not be? Millions of people borrow these titles from the library each year, not because they are on a GCSE reading list, or because they are this month’s book group choice, or because they will make you look clever, but simply because they take you, deeply and quickly, into another world.

This will be the last time I link to her. Newspapers tend to take any sort of attention as good, whether it’s negative or not. I certainly don’t expect Hughes to exhibit anything resembling critical thinking soon; it’s clear that The Guardian hired her for her schtick.

I commented on the article. I’m the one asking her what sort of literary Guatanamo she was raised in.


4 Responses to "omg i want to shoot this woman in the face"

Now now, don’t get your pointy ears in a knot!

I should be hired to write for the Guardian. Everyone knows that elves are the smartest creatures on earth. I could be eccentric and wear my pretty cape and poncey outfits and I would be revered in the Book section because I used my brain.

Hmph. They should hire *me* because of my down-to-earth perspective and ability to dig deep, get to the bottom of things, and extract the gems from the dross.

Poncey outfits trump dirty-digging, ‘specially when that mole–I mean dwarf is digging around in Dan Brown books.

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