The Books of My Numberless Dreams

Art of Reading

Posted on: February 10, 2007

As promised here are close-ups of the miniature reproductions Sylvia sent me. They are quite lovely.


And as a bonus here is a picture showing a part of one of my book shelves located over my bed. You can see the beginnings of a “smile” in the wood; I occasionally wonder if a tumble of books will terrorise me out of sleep one night.


Here is my small pile of NYRB classics.



12 Responses to "Art of Reading"

That’s not just the beginnings of a smile. If I were you, I’d be afraid… very afraid!

I feel sorry for that lttle bookshelf!

Hahahahahaha! You two are something else. I am not afraid at all, Solnushka it isn’t *that* bad and Gimli is only faking pity to make me feel bad. :p

Beautiful!! My favourite is the second from the right, first row of 4 under the one with the dog. That was such an awkward sentence. Oh btw, I backed you up on Upper Fort Worth re: your normalness and I expect the same treatment at some point in the future! hehe

Those NYRB classics look so nice! I love what they do there.

Heather that’s ok, I understood you. My favourite would be the one second from the left, in the row below yours–the most modern one of the lot in style. I love the bright colours and the bold strokes.

Ha, and thanks for offering support.

Dorothy thanks. So do I!

yay. richard hughes representin’

You’re more brave than I am, I wouldn’t be sleeping anywhere near that shelf! 😉

I love the NYRB Classics – nice to know you’re a fan too. Great books they have.

But that bookshelf over your bed – that’s a REALLY ominous “smile”…

Amanda nice to see another fan.

Carl V and Dark Orpheus it’s been almost 6 months, thank you, and I’ve been quite fine. And yes DO I browse their much of my buying list is filled with NYRB selections.

With Yoda Voice: “Ahhhh, much of NYRB Classics read we MUST.”

Those NYRB editions are really lovely. I bought one used (a Rebecca West) not too long ago. I wouldn’t mind adding a few more to my collection!

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