The Books of My Numberless Dreams

…and the NYRB?

Posted on: February 8, 2007

It was full of neat-o articles that I’ll read when I’m in the mood and have absolutely nothing else to do.

(Ok so the Women and AIDS in Africa piece looked good but haven’t we been hearing about this solution for a decade? Ho hum. Only the belief that the writers will bring something new to light (maybe I should mark it down as a hope) is maintaining my flicker of interest. I like Coetzee but I don’t give a crap about Mailer; the former is the only thing maintaining this flicker as well. Wow two more Iraqi articles criticising Bush: what a surprise! Blah blah blah Booker winner review, blah blah blah Milton Friedman. At least Ian Buruma’s review of the Clint Eastwood directed 2006 films started out well. I could cheer for the fact that there were four female contributors but two of them co-authored a not-very-long article that isn’t even part of a series so it’s a three count.)


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