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Jane arrives

Posted on: February 7, 2007

Last week I won a copy of Penguin Classics Jane Eyre at the Classical Bookworm. I am happy to report that it came in the mail with the most wonderful surprises!


There were little cards featuring women throughout centuries of art (most appearing to be from the 18th C (at earliest) to early 20th) reading, in groups or in solitude, books or letters, indoors or out. As I tore through all the careful packaging and unwound protective material one or two cards would fall out at a time, provoking joyous gasps and exclamations.

Here I am, early in the morning, ready to eat my literary breakfast.


Thanks so much, Sylvia!


8 Responses to "Jane arrives"

That sounds like fun — enjoy! (Hope the book tastes good)

How totally nice of her! I love cards like that! I am nearing the end of my Jane Eyre oddyssey–it has been an enjoyable reread, but I am ready for a new book, I think!

Dorothy thanks! I’m sure it will as it will count as a re-read.

Danielle it was very nice of her and the cards were so lovely. I’ll pop over to your blog to see what new books you’re considering.

Sheesh, some people have way too much time on their hands!

You look so pleased too. Enjoy it!

What a wonderful surprise! And Jane Eyre to boot 🙂

so nice!! please take some close ups of the cards to show us!! 🙂

And I’m grateful for it Gimli. 😉

Thanks everyone! Heather I’ll borrow my roommate’s camera and see what I can do about close ups.

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