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Posted on: February 6, 2007

Brown Girl in the RingNalo Hopkinson This will be the first novel of a living Jamaican novelist that I will read since Harriet’s Daughter (9th grade).

ArtemisiaAnna Banti I am expecting this to be great. If it is I may take a look at the other selections in the European Women Writers Series, published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Native American Fiction: A User’s ManualDavid Treuer He could put his name to a cereal box advert, I would buy it. I am surprised that this book rather than his earlier novels was in-stock.

TroublesJ.G. Farrell Never underestimate the power of a John Banville introduction over my wallet.

The Black BookOrhan Pamuk I am certain that I missed several layers of meaning in My Name is Red. This proved no obstacle to my burgeoning fascination with his creative imaginings.

Istanbul: Memories and the CityOrhan Pamuk Which can only explain why I took this as well, even though it sports, among others, the “memoir” label. (I shuddered as I typed it. Memoir. *shudder*)

Enduring LoveIan McEwan His fans are fierce indeed. I’ve been told that he is one of the greatest writers of the 20th century and Atonement is the novel. I cracked it open but the first page didn’t grab me. (Confession: I have an aversion to WWII settings for fiction.) Enduring Love made a better first impression and I had the pleasure of watching, in bits and pieces, a bizarre, out-of-control, earnestly “arty” film adaption starring Daniel Craig and Samantha Morton. (Has anyone seen it? Did it make you giggle?) It is also said that McEwan’s Booker win for Amsterdam was an apology for not giving it to Enduring Love. Is this true?

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I’m a fierce McEwan fan, myself, but Saturday is my favourite of his. I did enjoy Enduring Love, though, and in fact nearly bought the movie today. At that same shop, I did buy Snow however, having really enjoyed Istanbul. Don’t let the Memoir in the title put you off, it’s a wonderful book!

Memoir! hehe I imagine you just shuddered! giggle. Let me know if it is any good. I haven’t read any novels – which ones should I put on my list?

I’m looking forward to reading Pamuk this year. I’ve got My Name Is Red, just waiting for the right minute.

I loathe finishing a book and feeling as though I’ve missed something significant in it. Sadly, it happens more than I’d like! Part of it is definitely that I’m too idle to contemplate the book for more than about thirty seconds after I’ve finished it; but who knows?

Charlotte I may save Snow for last, as it is his most recent, or at least after I finish the two I have. And I can’t say that I could recommend the movie but it is certainly entertaining in its own special way. I may have missed out on the point of many things because I did not see it from the beginning and have not read the book.

Heather what can I say? I was weary of this genre before it even became so popular. And I’m afraid I’m not sure if you’re asking about the novels I recently acquired or any by a specific author for your list…

Litlove I remember that you did. I forgot to include Adam Phillips latest book Going Sane: Maps of Happiness based on your recommendation of his writings.

booktraveller I don’t mind it so much as I usually have a vague idea or clue as to what it was, or where to look for it; a planned re-reading would help clarification. The book will always be there (knock on wood) so it’s not out-of-reach. And I do idly contemplate books I’ve read from to time, weeks after I’ve finished them even.

I wanted to buy Pamuk’s Istanbul last time I was at the bookstore, but I had too many books and had to put some back! 😦 I also want to read My Name is Red this year! Lots of good books you got there!

Gaw! Sorry! I apparently cannot type complete sentences!! I meant could you recommend any novels by Pamuk. (blushing)

Nice new acquisitions! My husband read Brown Girl in the Ring and loved it. One of these days I’ll get to it too. I’ll be insterested on your thoughts on the Artemesia book. I tried to read a novel about her several years ago and it was so dreadful I couldn’t read past the first chapter. But I find her a fascinating character and would love to read a good book about her.

Danielle I remember you blogging about that day. I’m always having to pick and choose what books I take from the store at any given time as I walk everywhere I can: can’t be hefting around to heavy a load.

Heather it’s all right, no need to blush. :p I’ve only read My Name is Red so far and would definitely recommend it. It has multiple narratives, each character given its own distinctive voice, and the philosophies expressed on art are really interesting. Plus there’s sex murder and family conflict. What more could you ask for?

Stefanie thanks! It’s good to hear a good rec for Brown Girl since no one I knew had read it. I know nothing about Artemisia but yes, her story sounds very intriguing. I have not read or come across a lot of fiction so focused on art from a period that I like which really made me want to try it.

I agree with you about David Treuer! A side-note: he’s been visiting his own blog/website more often these days and has been talking about his writing, and some of his favorite books–just this week he recommended Snow, and I see others have mentioned it here as well, so I will put it on my read list.

Thanks for commenting, Kim! I haven’t read Treuer’s blog before–I will give it a look-see. I hope you enjoy Snow, I’ve heard many great things about it.

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