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The very reason for the existence of litblogs

Posted on: February 5, 2007

How not to read a book and why you shouldn’t

I could not resist posting to this literary manifesto posted by Ian on Upper Fort Stewart. I plan to print it out and hang it in libraries, pubs and laundromats.

After reading a non-fiction book do not, whatever you do, consider the truth of the matter. You are just reading a book after all – it’s not a documentary. Do not even consider running Google searches of the author’s name or the book title plus words like “negative” or “wrong-headed” or “criticism”. You don’t want to confuse yourself with multiple viewpoints and you certainly don’t want to feel like a fool for having read the wrong sort of thing, do you?


3 Responses to "The very reason for the existence of litblogs"

That was great! Thanks for the link.

Oh dear. I read mostly for diversion. That’s why I got most excited about the melodrama review. Not in commecials though. Sometimes I turn the TV for whole hours at a time.

You’re welcome Carl!

Solnushka I much prefer to record the shows I want to see. That way I can skip through all the commercials.

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