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I have no water

Posted on: February 5, 2007

The house woke up this morning to no water. Apparently previous house owners had not lowered their  end of the pipes, as the city had done to theirs in recent years and, due to that and other factors, are now frozen. The roommates made plans to visit their respective parents’ houses to access this luxury, but I had to leave and my closest relative is in Connecticut.

So here I am at my desk with my mouth fresh but not much else. I’ll have to bum a shower at a friend’s place at some point in the evening.


9 Responses to "I have no water"

It’s absolutely horrid. *pouts* It better be back by the time I get back there or I’m going to have a tantrum. With cinnamon buns.

How annoying! I hope you get it back soon.

Hope everything is fixed now. Any of these type of no water, no electricity, no heat, no air conditioning situations suck tremendously and they always remind me just how much of a spoiled wimp I am and how I could never survive in the ‘classical’ periods that seem so romantic and heroic to me as I read.

Still none. *cries* I had to go elsewhere for a shower!

Yikes! It certainly has been cold. Perhaps if you go to the Athletic Centre and are particularily smelly they’ll take pity on you?

It hasn’t been extremely cold where I am, not enough to freeze most underground pipes at any rate. The problem is that our pipes have yet to be lowered according to recent city regulations, and the present owner was unaware of this when he bought it. (When the city came they pointed it out.)

So we’ve resorted to hooking up to our neighbour’s pipes. (Sigh!) They’re working on it now as I happily sit here typing, smelling clean. I showered at a friend’s place. (Athletic Centre was the last resort.)

Ouch. I believe you’re right.

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