The Books of My Numberless Dreams

A Reading Recap…of sorts

Posted on: February 1, 2007

According to my tally I have read nine books this month. Reassurances that two were novellas do nothing to allay my anxiety that I am rushing through books and not giving them the attention they each deserve. I don’t feel as if I’m rushing but really…nine books?

Only Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter was a disappointment: it was not bad but there the cheap tricks to convey setting, previously mentioned, and the staid, pragmatic tone covering most of the romantic proceedings made it less than transcendant. The other romance was Emma Holly’s Prince of Ice, which had the author returning to form. Yay for great characters whose personalities aren’t sacrificed for an inexplicably high quota of sex scenes.


McGahern and Treuer were the top reads for the month and possibly for the year. Those pleasurable reading experiences, particularly Treuer’s, rival those I had with Nabokov and Byatt last year. I will muck about and try to come up with something dandy about The Translation of Dr. Apelles which shall persuade all of you to buy it for yourselves, for friends and loved ones, the whole word, if you like.

Walking into the library a week or two ago I scanned the new books shelf and spied Dream Wheels. The title pulled me in and the writing on the first page was amazing. Coincidentally it’s also written by an Ojibwe: Richard Wagamese from Ontario.


9 Responses to "A Reading Recap…of sorts"

Nine?!? [grumble grumble]

It feels surreal. I’m not sure what fuelled this unusually high consumption. The blog, perhaps? It’s odd. Anyway elves rule, dwarves drool.

Oh ya? Well, dwarves are tops, elves are flops!

You’ve got me intrigued by The Translation of Dr. Apelles. I am ready to be persuaded 🙂

I like your point that reading a lot of books can possibly mean reading them too fast (it doesn’t necessarily mean that, but it might). I sometimes pressure myself to read more books, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Gimli you’re right, dwarves are tops…at LOSING.

Stefanie ha, now I’m anxious about not doing the book justice. I’ll manage. 😉 And I’m glad you’re open to persuasion!

Dorothy W no, it’s better to judge the quality of each experience than to attain any particular “good” number in most cases. I think this month for me was an anomaly and it’s fair to note that two were fluff reads, and the novellas were both under 150 pages. So I reassure myself.

Ya, we’re tops at losing our inhibitions–woohoo!– not like you uptight, wet-invisi-blanket elves!

If I read a lot of books in a month it usually is a case of reading YA novels (which I don’t do often) or really short novels, or fast reads like mysteries. Some books just read much faster than others. and sometimes if you really like something a book can be hard to put down. On the other hand I don’t want to feel like I am inhaling books either!

Gimli in some circles that’s called a lack of dignity. Hmph!

Danielle that is how it’s been with me this month: the fast reads, the short novellas, and two books that I had a really hard time putting down!

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