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Terraist Hoax!

Posted on: January 31, 2007

Suspicious devices part of marketing plan – U.S. Security –

It’s good to know that these days in the USA a prank is automatically labelled a hoax if the police are stupid enough to fall for it. (Nine other cities survived this attempted assault although I’m sure this  can be explained as a lack of vigilance.) This reminds me of that COPS episode where the border police guy was convinced that terrorists were trying to get into his country from the Mexican border. That’s right, Al Qaeda units are scrambling over wire fences to get into the USA with their bombs and stuff.

Really now? Blinky lights in the shape of cartoon characters flipping the bird are suspicious? Oh that’s right it was attached to some cardboard (black! the colour of eeeeeeevil) and a set of triple D batteries.

The British arrest suspected terrorists. The Americans? They boost the profile of a late night adult cartoon. You guys are fucked.

2 Responses to "Terraist Hoax!"

The jihadists must be laughing their asses off. Sigh.

Lite Brite’s for heaven’s sake. Lite Brites!

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