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Oh no!

Posted on: January 30, 2007

I read on Sophinette that Sidney Sheldon died today. His books provided hours of reading pleasures when I was young, from the age of 11 to 15. All the ones I read were once my mother’s. I must have re-read Rage of Angels a million times. The mafia intrigue, the sex, the violence, every page Sheldon wrote was meant to excite our most basic senses. I loved it. My pre-teen heart broke as the heroine bowed out from fighting the good fight even as I understood that circumstances dictated no other probable outcome.

I still remember that last scene in Book one: Jennifer Parker stands in the room with Michael Moretti after he saved her only son from certain death. Her acquitted client, an infamous murderer, had kidnapped her child and taken him to a motel room (had it been a motel room?), piercing the young boys hands in a mock crucifixion. The police, the good guys, were handicapped by their rules (somehow, I don’t remember what, specifically) and would not find the killer in time. Parker knew only one person with the means to save her child’s life.

That man was Michael Moretti: a bad ass, sexy mafia head honcho…thing.

Why could she expect his help? He wanted her. In his bed and on his side, defending his goons in court. Jennifer Parker was one of the top criminal defense lawyers in the country.

So there they are at her home (I think it was her home). Her son is safe in his bed, hands treated by the doctor Moretti brought (I think he did anyway). Her relief and gratitude is as palpable as the knowledge that at this point her life that everything is about to change, has already changed.

I could never pick a book that crappy now but back then, man, it was the good stuff, right up there with Nicholas Nickelby. I’m sorry to see Sheldon go but he had a long life and it seems to have been a good one.

3 Responses to "Oh no!"

Funny you should say this, imani, but I nearly called Balzac the precursor of Sidney Sheldon in my post the other day. Then I didn’t because Balzac is more quality, BUT there are very similar elements in their work, no?

When I read from your blog that Sidney Sheldon died, I *just* had to share the news at the office. The various response was hilarious. Almost everyone recalls some Sheldon title they read when they were younger and how trashy and sensational those books where. But they loved him then.

Whether we like to admit it or not, Sidney Sheldon carved a place for himself among people who reads.

Oh, and one of my colleague only found out late last year that Sidney was a he. She was traumatised to find out he’s dead. Aw…

Okay, it was a slow day in the office. ;p

litlove you know, I hadn’t thought of making the comparison before but now that you mention it…right down to their critical reactions (at the time of publications). Ha, I’m almost tempted to pick up a few Sheldons in order to tease out more similarities. Almost.

Dark Orpheus ha ha, I think when I was younger I thought Sheldon was a woman too. Slow day at the office or no that is pretty funny.

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