The Books of My Numberless Dreams

Bad Day, Empty Brain

Posted on: January 26, 2007

I’m rather disgusted with myself for posting nothing but fluff for days. I doubt that today will be any better what with the nasty surprise or two I had. In lieu of anything riveting I’ll ply you with links.

Matt Bell reviews two authors who ought to be more widely read. Ander Monson, he of the Other Electricities, has released Neck Deep this month, a collection of essays. Being the author he is one knows this book will offer something extraordinary; his website for the book bears this out. Elizabeth Ellen, an Underrated Writer for 2006, has a new chapbook of short stories. What little Bell quoted showed that her writing tone was unlike my usual fare. I am wary and intrigued.

Roger Boylan writes an informative overview of John McGahern’s work, including relevant material on his personal life and the banning of his second novel The Dark. Naturally the Censors and the Catholic church were unperturbed by the descriptions of physical beatings; it was the racy bits that provoked shock and horror. Please take a look at Kimbofo’s reviews of McGahern’s novels: The Leavetaking, Amongst Women, and The Dark, The Barracks and his Memoir. She enjoys his writing. I do not know how popular McGahern is but he cannot have too many readers.

Paul Auster is mentioned quite often on litblogs but, despite the Penguin deluxe edition of his New York trilogy, I felt no urge to try him out. Until I read an excerpt from “Ghosts”, posted by Kate at her Book blog. My word. You others folks really should have been more persuasive. Tsk.


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