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Posted on: January 24, 2007

I misplaced my notebook with my jottings on last week’s TLS so that’s a loss for now. I have the previous one to that, the January 12th, but it’s a library copy. We’ll see. With the new one out tomorrow I may focus on that one. There doesn’t look to be any imminent new NYRB issues so for now you’ll only be seeing journals posts on the TLS and Paris Review. I’ve begun my House Rules review so hopefully that goes smoothly.

Reflecting on recent readings I realised that I had not read any pre-20th century work since November (excluding poetry). Tut, tut, tut. February will be more classical and I decided it would be as good a time as any to read Radcliffe. What say you, litlove, could you spare the time for Ann next month? I have The Italian and plan to acquire Mysteries of Udolpho tomorrow. If you can’t never mind, for on the word of a Romantic lit. student I also got the unexpurgated The Monk by Matthew Lewis which promised to be a scandalous read. All the talk on the PBS Jane Eyre adaptation convinced me to give it a re-read: a practise in which I do not often indulge for leisure. I’m excited about that.

On the encouragement of an older friend I may also attempt *gulp* Don Quixote.


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Litlove I have Udolpho reserved at the used book store but not actually in my hands yet. I’d be pleased to start first with The Italian. 🙂 I am excited about The Monk but have held a longer interest in Radcliffe since my reading of Northanger Abbey last year.

Neither is Jane Eyre in my immediate position, but enjoying the tropical heat back home. I’ll have to attain another copy. Drats.

Carl V there’s nothing like licentious themes and censorship to get one interested in a book. 😉

Ah yes, I’ve read so much about the new PBS Jane Eyre. the young actress who plays Jane does look rather striking. And Toby Stephens, ah, I sigh.

And I’m still trying to get around to reading Don Quixote, and Ann Radcliffe. Let’s see who gets there first.

I just started a reread of Jane Eyre and it is wonderful the second time around!! I, too, want to read Ann Radcliffe’s Mysteries of U.–not sure when I will get to it. I made up a list of classics that I plan to read, which I am now completely ignoring! I would like to try to read Don Quixote this year sometime, too. So many books….

Yay for gothic lit. I loved Udolpho and The Monk, And yes, the Monk is scandalous. Happy Reading!

Dark Orpheus Ha, thanks very much for the challenge. This will motivate me to get to them rather than make lists and blithely ignore like…

Danielle does. I can commiserate on that. I’m hoping that posting it on my blog for the world to see will discourage me from ignoring my own plans.

That’s great that you’re enjoying your re-read of Jane Eyre. Bodes well for me.

Amanda A. my friend described The Monk as “pulpy fiction–blasphemy, violence and sex”. I couldn’t reach for the book fast enough. 😉

Thanks, and I hope your readings are going well too.

What awesome books! I LOVE Radcliffe, and I LOVE The Monk, and I’m going to read Don Quixote this summer (I think).

Imani – this is good timing indeed! I was looking at the books left on my classics challenge and thinking the Radcliffe would be up soon. I’d quite like to put in a vote for The Italian, because it’s supposed to be fab. But do just say what you would like to do and when you’d like to start. Jane Eyre and The Monk are also wonderful books, so I won’t blame you at all if you are overcome with the need to start there!

I have The Monk but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. It is indeed supposed to be quite scandalous.

Ok that’s the oddest thing. I’m quite certain I replied to litlove and Carl ages ago but it didn’t show up. Is Akismet really spamming my *own* comments? No, for when I went to check I only saved Marly’s responses from the abyss.

What the devil.

Anyway litlove I’d be more than pleased to start with The Italian first. I have Udolpho reserved at the store but not picked up yet. And while I am excited about the Lewis, I’ve been keen on trying Radcliffe for some time now. I’ll post further details in the comments section of your blog.

Carl V there’s nothing like licentious themes to get me interested in a book. 😉

Imani – just to say, great, I’m going to start The Italian today because I’m not getting on with the other book I’m reading (wrong mood for it). So I’ll see you on the same path!

Ok, litlove. I’m a bit behind, having just started today, but I’ll try to keep a good pace.

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