The Books of My Numberless Dreams

Do you know that feeling?

Posted on: January 23, 2007

When you open a book and the quotes by themselves, put together, tell their own story. You’re intrigued. The translotor’s introduction portends a story of beauty, of conflict of majesty and you believe him. These writers, their words can get wobbly, the effect fall somewhere between corny and ridiculous, your reaction one of pity when they make such declarations. But you’re a generous reader and each word carries a clarity of tone and purpose that is irresistible. You hit the prologue–not even at the first chapter!–and each sentence carries you deeper and deeper into the narrative. Your head dips to one side, you push the laptop aside and your existence, right now, is defined among these pages. You turn your head away at a horrific scene, you sigh in sadness and surrender to return, dutifully taking in each word offered. You grin when hopes are confirmed, quickly moving headlong to the development. Your stomach is tense, but in a good way, in utmost anticipation and suppressed joy at the knowledge of what you have in your possession. Suppressed joy because your colleagues would not appreciate it if you boogied by your desk, did jumping jacks, anything to release all this energy.

You know it isn’t so but at this moment you can’t remember any book that ever made you feel this ecstatic.

David Treuer is giving me this feeling.


4 Responses to "Do you know that feeling?"

Sooo glad to hear this since it’s a recent purchase of mine.

Welcome Susan! I can’t imagine you regretting the purchase although one never knows for sure.

Wow – this looks good. Over summer I want to read more contemporary American novelists. Looks like he should be on the list!

He definitely should be litlove. If you get him I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do, so far.

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