The Books of My Numberless Dreams

Writing Rule #20546711

Posted on: January 20, 2007

Ladening your characters’ thoughts and dialogue with the word “however” is not a good way to reinforce a Regency setting. “Her face is not distinctive and her hair plain. Her violet eyes make me hard, however.” “I did not really ruin her family’s fortunes but I won’t be the one to tell her, however.” “Post-coitus Alexia feels as if their minds become one, however, she reminds herself this is an illusion.”

“I would like to know how to effecitvely convey a British Regency setting to my readers. This would entail me actually reading books from that period, however.” – Madeline Hunter



4 Responses to "Writing Rule #20546711"

Um, this is a book you are reading? Legolas, you disappoint me! I don’t think this should count in your “books read” tally.

I had a bit of fun with the sentences but I was sadly not too far off the mark. It’s just like a dwarf to use any underhanded means to pysche me out but it will not work. I will enjoy my junk read, it will count as a book read and I will have another cinammon bun to celebrate this next (trashy) step towards victory.

Ok, ok, I’m going to put a disclaimer in the post warning everyone that I made the sentences up to emphasise my point!


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