The Books of My Numberless Dreams


Posted on: January 13, 2007

I just read on a hilarious forum that makes fun of insane fans that in the Da Vinci Code Brown writes that certain abbbey/s entrances in England were modeled on vaginas.

thekiwiwhoflew: I grew up in a very catholic school in London, someone telling me the entrances to the abbeys were modeled after vaginas broke something deep within my focking soul D=

doroc_sabah: WHAT

I wasn’t going to read that book, but now I’m like, not going to read it times ten.

thekiwiwhoflew: I just about had a seizure at that point. He goes on and on about how certain parts of the entranceway are the vulva and how it leads to the ovaries and I’m thinking “Sister Flannigan didn’t tell us about THAT detail D=”

hallidae: The man’s fucking obsessed with the symbolic power of the vagina. It’s like Freud in reverse, only he doesn’t have a cocaine addiction to blame.

Is this true??


5 Responses to "What?"

Actually they were modelled after mouths, and the congregants represent cinnamon buns and potato chips…

Now you’ve done it. You’ve made me hungry for junk again.

Sorry, I meant carrots and broccoli.

Or rice and peas!! Mmmmm…

Carrots and broccoli are pretty yummy! As is rice and peas. Mmmmm…I’m getting a few ideas for dinner.

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