The Books of My Numberless Dreams


Posted on: January 13, 2007

Sylvia has had this going at her blog all week. I don’t think mine has been around long enough for me to have many if any lurkers. If you do exist though please pop in and leave me a message. There’s soda and cinammon buns. You don’t have access to either but I do and that should do your heart good. (This will be at the top of the blog for a bit so scroll down for new posts.)



18 Responses to "Delurk!"

I’m not exactly a lurker, but I will say hi! Mmmm … cinammon buns …

If your blog hasn’t been around for long that makes my blog embryonic, a sort of unnumbered dream I suppose. Enjoy the soda and cinammon buns!

Hello. I am a sort of lurker/new reader, but I will comment more in the future, I’m sure. Enjoy the goodies for us!

I love comments too much to fuss about whether actual lurkers comment or not. Come one, come all! And thanks for the eating well-wishes. Those cinnamon buns at Sobeys are made with crack; I’m almost sure of it.

just starting to lurk, which is a nice way of saying, “i kind of stalk people.”

crack cinnamon buns are great, but heroin cinnamon buns are the best.

Hi, yet another lurker checking in. I have you tagged on bloglines. Thanks for having us, and enjoy the crack coke umm– snack!

Um, any cinnies left…?

Bookfraud that may be so but it’s easier to hide the effecsts of crack than heroin pastries. It’s true.

Hey Julio! Welcome Daland, it’s nice to meet a stranger. I can’t quite take your claims of crack coke on face value–this is the first time I’ve had (non-alcoholic) soda in months. I got it for the novelty but…eh. I can miss it again.

I actually do have one left Syvlia having eaten only one for lunch. Just reach right through the screen, it’s waiting for you.

You know, I have never tried cinnamon buns!!

::scarf scarf::

Mmm, thanks!


Marg! What are you waiting for? Bliss beckons and you turn it aside. Get thee to a pastry shop! You won’t regret it. I don’t think it’s possible to bake a crappy cinnamon bun. Try and get one with the cream frosting and put it in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds. Feast. (Thanks for commenting!)

Sylvia please, we have company, practise more restraint.

Lurker Here! *right hand raised in the air* 😀

Ok, I’ll go to the kitchen to lick my fingers. Got any potato chips?

yum — virtual cinnamon buns. Completely perfect for January dieters!

Maggie welcome! thanks for revealing yourself, hope you enjoyed the company.

*Hands sylvia paper towels* I never! And no, no potato chips, sorry. The only junk I have in the cupboard is pastries. Mmmm, pastries.

Cam you’re absolutely right. Still, it’s a good thing I’m not dieting. 😉

Hello imani! No lurker me, but saying hello to you and the buns nevertheless!

Aww, thanks litlove. The buns (long since digested but we don’t want to imagine that) and I appreciate it.

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