The Books of My Numberless Dreams


Posted on: January 3, 2007

Interview: Author Guy Gavriel Kay @

I completely forget that the new Guy Gavriel Kay was being released this month. Official release date is January 8th but my local store already has it out. How could I have missed it in the store today? Maybe they’re keeping it on the down low until the Boxing Week 30% off all hardcovers sale ends. That better not be it because I’ll be there tomorrow demanding a copy.

Screw contextualist criticism, I need Ysabel! I highly recommend the interview: the interviewer focuses on Kay’s work rather than dumb questions on his pets or whether he writes with pen & paper or computer. Guy Gavriel Kay is an intelligent author, able to explore his ideas elegantly with a distinctive style that makes him one of the premiere fantasy writers (although most of his work isn’t “fantasy” per se, as is explained in the interview).



I haven’t read any Guy Gavriel Kay titles since the “Fionavar Tapestry” and “Tigana.” These books were so sad, especially “Tigana.”

I still have “The Lions of al-Rassan” and “Sailing to Sarantium” sitting on the shelf unread. Wonder if I will ever get around to “Ysabel.”

A friend of mine so insisted that I should read Fionavar Tapestry that he sent me the entire set. That was probably the best gift of books I ever got from anyone because I absolutely loved it. I have Tigana and Song for Arbonne on my shelf waiting to be read, but I’m saving it for when I can ignore the rest of the world and read them from cover to cover.

Dark Orpheus they were quite tragic. Kay is definitely not afraid of serving emotional punches out in full measure.

I actually have not read those yet, either, although I will (eventually) after reading what he said about it in the interview. Made them sound more interesting than anything else I’ve heard. I’m not one for historical fiction usually. I have read Last Light of the Sun and I enjoyed it immensely.

Tarlia that was certainly a present to remember. How wonderful to receive a book present that fits you perfectly.

Well cheers and thanks for the link to that interview I did with Mr. Kay – hell I never even think to ask what they’re doing next, let alone what colour ink they write in – Do people really waste author’s time with such inane questions? I’d be stopping doing interviews real fast if that was the quality of question I was dealing with.

I don’t think the books are sad particularily, they are just real – Kay doesn’t coddle a reader’s emotions with false sentiment like so many writers, and when you are finally brought face to face with an author who can really strip it bare it’s more a shock then anything else.

but hey that’s just my opinion – cheers enjoy Ysabel and all of the rest of his books, there is nothing to be afraid of.


Richard Marcus

Richard oh you can’t imagine some of the crappy interviews I’ve read in papers where the exercise is clearly meant to be more of a “glamour shot” than anything else. I’m not even fond of author profiles as they give a lot of extraneous information that I’m rarely interested in.

Thanks for the comments on the books!

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