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This is the most hypocritical piece of bullshit I have ever seen

Posted on: December 24, 2006

Mandeville lawyers shun suspects: Reluctant to provide legal services to accused in case of missing couple, says police.

Pardon the rage on what is and will hopefully continue to be a Happy Christmas Eve for everyone, whether or not you celebrate the day. But I had to express my rage to someone or thing and I am not brazen enough to call up a pal in the morning just to cuss.

Lawyers in Mandeville, the capital of Manchester a southern parish in Jamaica, are refusing to represent suspects in a case of kidnapping. Why? Because the kidnapped victims, Richard and Julia Lyn, both of whom have still not be found, are a “popular business couple”. Yes, you read that right, they are “very popular with residents in the town”. The police, based on evidence, are now searching for two barrels in a landfill so I can only conclude that the Lyns are assumed to be dead.

It goes without saying that this is a tragedy and no one’s trials or death, however frequently it may happen to others, should be trivialised. But I cannot stomach the bloody hypocrisy and unfounded moral outrage these lawyers in Mandeville seem to think they are exhibiting. Let us be frank. If it was the kidnapping and death of some poor farming couple, or the owners of a little shop down the road, or a prostitute, basically someone who probably did not make the local society pages, these sanctimonious fuckers would have no problem representing the suspected criminals who, might I add, are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty.  But oh no, it’s Richard and Julia Lyn! Their friends! They’re popular! So the lawyers are aggrieved, even Legal Aid, and turn up their noses, forcing the police to seek representation for the criminals in Kingston.

Meanwhile the suspects are sitting idly at the police station unquestioned because the police cannot do so without a lawyer present—the evidence would be inadmissible in court. The lawyers’ actions are not only derisible they do not even benefit or honour the Lyn couple and its family: justice cannot be served, and will not be served until the prisoners are transferred to the country capital, for the sake of the lawyers’ delicate, wounded feelings. How admirable!

What a bunch of idiotic, insular, puerile bastards.

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